Devious Ruse

If I was to put into words

The most necessary thing in my life

I would be doing her an INJUSTICE


She is more than just a thing

She is more than a common annoyance

She is what I have that no one else can


She stands at 5’2”

Claims she can fit in a shoe

Yet still she’s more to me than the color blue


She makes me laugh, she makes me cry

She makes me yell “GOODBYE!”

And yet all I can do is sigh


She drives me up a living tree

Her insults sting like a yellow BEE

Yet still I see, she is absolutely everything to me


When she needs to talk, I’m there

With words to say "I CARE"

I give her my evening, just so she can breathe air


She pushed me to the finish line

Forced me to shine

O’er the dotted line, she made me sign


In the end, if you made me choose

Everything, I’m ready to lose

To keep my baby sister as my devious ruse

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My family
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