22 a Day

Kill yourself and be a part of the 22 a Day 

fighting a battle where no one dies and no one knows 

the reson for all conflict why can't it ever be heard?

Silent killers 

Darkness right in the light of day

No greater enemy than yourself.

Fighting every day like it's never the last time 

the warzone came right at home.

All give some but some give all. 

Guilt filling your heart.

Fear conquering courage.

Confusion the new sanity.

Why does it all sound so similar 

Why no one has ever heard of this? 

Veteran Suicide

The few and the brave 

Greeting death with open hands

Only to live, come home, and miss death. 

Pleeing with tears in eyes 

Isn't there a friend who can see through mine?

Family is blind to my smile

I think i'll end it in a while. 

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My community
My country
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