Purpose Through the Pen

Life gave me the motions but without the vibrations

Melancholy attacked and my soul was in constant isolation

Life was a chess board and my king was checkmated

You stay silent and tell no one assuming they never related

Looking through someone's window you may think they're full of glee and carefree

But on the inside they're caged up, ready to be free

See this was me, and yet I shined like a Christmas tree

Take away my ornaments, and you'll be shocked by what you'll see

Ironically my problems tightened their grip as I tried to loosen them with temporary highs

I needed something that will always be there, not just give me a quick rise

I picked up a pen one day and began documenting my fears and thoughts

To think writing was the best way to free these things from their box

The death of my happiness I no longer had to mourn

For my anxiety freed itself in liquid form

The ink of the pen was my escape and took me to a calm place

When I became anxious it decelerated my heart's race

The ink and paper took me to an oasis of sorts

With a mind full of thought and a pen, who needs passports

The feeling of pen against paper loosens my sentiments

In my soul my misery no longer holds residence

My soul no longer was icy, it was no longer winter

I felt like my life had meaning and I could do anything, a true winner

I genuinely have found myself, no longer a doppelganger

The love of my life left, but I'm hoping to boomerang her

If you look through my window you can see me prance

People who I have repelled before have now gave me another chance

My life took a U-turn before I hit a dead end

Only paper and pen can tell when the next chapter will start again

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