Dear Ma,

The eleventh of March

Nineteen seventy-nine

Baby born at this time

Little foot with an arch;

Her dark green eyes glistened

As she looked at her mom

Pat held her in her palm

Fast heartbeat, she listened


She didn’t do the best

When it came to caring

Treated you as bearing

And as you caused her stress;

But with these difficult things

If you weren’t aware

The love for you was there

Like crowns on heads of kings


She left your life too quick

Happened for a reason

Without given meaning

Something you can’t predict;

Fast forward to the part

Where you watched your child grow

Taught her off what you know

It was hard from the start


But look how far she’s come

Due to your consistency

And caring differently

Despite where you came from;

I’m almost done with this

You can dry your tears up

Don’t ruin your makeup

You filled my life with bliss


Your Daughter

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My family
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