Sun, 10/04/2015 - 21:40 -- rooby11

Words, so many words but

They can never express

fully the feelings

that swell inside 

threatening to spill out onto

the sidewalk

who's cement tries to be

strong but 

takes a constant beating;

And if the feelings overflow

it will only add to the beating

of the sidewalk.

What did it ever do to you?

But you dance over its grave,

and it seems like you have no feelings at all.


The innocent shall suffer no more.

You've tapped the last beat.

I will take no more!

There are no words.

I cannot pretend.

We are fine like the sidewalk is fine

I am a pot;

and you are the flame that has kept me warm,

but it's gone too far...

My emotions begin to boil;

Bubbling, frothing, begging for release

They spill over.

Onto the sidewalk.

It burns.

You freeze without "your" pot.


But I am free!

The sidewalk heals,

and like a fire,

the eruption has strengthened what does not die.

The sidewalk is strong, now.

Just try and dance on its concrete!

It will only laugh at your weakness 

compared to its strength

compared to my strength

The sidewalk never dies, 

nor do I.

Time may pass but we stand strong.

I do not need the words.

The emotions speak clearly,

shouting from the rooftops;

Man never will pull us down.




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