Tue, 03/10/2015 - 19:46 -- Dsnow51

From the beginning of our life to the end of it all

We are taught more and more

Until we finally hit a wall

This wall in our core

We scream for help and we call for assistance

For alone we do not have the strength to fuel a resistance

But when we hit this wall

It fuels lols

It tells people that we have disabilities

Which makes them underestimate our abilities

The help that we want

Is only met with taunts

The help that we need

Causes us to bleed

Out depression

Which leads to aggression

And tells people we need more medication

Only to create a fixation

To the drugs

That make us feel like crawling bugs

Are in our skin

And is swallowed by gin

The “special” people

WIth that steeple

Leading to the sky

Falls into the lake of tears and makes them cry

Out the feelings of a nation

Corrupted by damnation

The people whose walls are blocking them from progress

Need the right address

For with the right people

They can be a tepal

A tree so high

Where they never need to ask why

They feel the way they do

And hopefully you can too

Think twice about those people

With the thick walls

Think twice about what you call them

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