The Devil's Valentine

My name is Noor.
When I was 5 years old, I asked my mother: What does my name mean?

Her answer was the same as God's answer when a 5 year old Lucifer asked Him "What does my name mean?"

Lucifer means Light. Noor means light.

There was this girl I was with, Brunette. 5'7. Magical smile. Her name was Destiny.

I loved her
I loved her like a kid loves cotton candy
How the thirsty crow loved the pitcher of water
I loved her how LEGO blocks love to be built, How the four horsemen love to destroy
I loved her like Joker loves Batman
I loved her like Dogs love everybody
I loved her like a kleptomaniac loves to steal
Like how they love the turkey on thanksgiving
I loved her like our country loves population
Like 13 year old loves masturbation
I loved her how Ash loved Pikachu
Like an arsonist loves the fire, like a narcissist loves the mirror
Like a drunkard loves his wine
I loved her how Eminem loves to rhyme
I loved her like Jesus Christ loves your heart
I loved her like Hannibal Lector loves your heart
How a Star Wars spaceships love intergalactic fantasies
I loved her like you love to be alive
I loved her like rabbits love to fuck
I loved like politicians love to lie, like the soldiers love to die
I loved her like the bulb loves to glow, like how some people love it slow
She was my cigarette
But she wasn't harmful
But yeah, when she kissed
It stopped the air to my lungs sometimes
But those seconds
with her lips
without air
were the best of times

I loved her like nobody else loved anybody ever, no Romeo no Juliet
I loved her harder
And harder!
And harder!!
And I told her, "I want to marry you"
But she said
"I don't want to marry you."

And i was broken
And I hated her
I hated her like
Ice hates warmth
Like Death hates God
Like clocks hate to get stuck
Sanity hates art
Hitler hated Jews
Like Alexander hated to lose
End hates the start
Dove hates war
How bubbles hate to pop
Religion hates Science
White hates black

And I killed her!

I drove the Swiss knife up her stomach
Her eyeballs sprang out
Her expressions dumbfuck
I drove the knife like I was a driver and it was a car ride
And the bloody knife tip came up to say hello from the other side

But then repentance struck me.
And my hands were shivering
Spine quivering
The Earth took a standstill
It had lost the melody
I was my own enemy
There was no Destiny!

I yelled, "Doctor, I beg you please save her. Please save me. Do whatever it takes. Take my empire. I'm Lucifer. I don't wanna be Satan again. I don't want to fall again."

The doctor laughed and said, "You're not going to hell and you are no Lucifer. There was no Destiny. You are a schizophreniac and you're in this asylum from the last 5 years."

And I said, "Destiny was as real as this asylum. Maybe God is a schizophreniac and all of you are imaginary."

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