I Am... Strong

They always tell you what you cannot and cannot be,

I never focused on them,

I focused on me.

Yes, maybe I like to read my books instead of party,

and yes, maybe I don't look like what you find in a magazine.

I might not have a small waist or a pretty face.

I might not have a nice smile or eyes the sparkle.

But what I do have?


I have the courage to stand up to someone who says I'm not good enough.

I have the willpower to show someone that I am worth fighting for. 

And even though I have been left by people I love,

and pushed aside like an obstacle that is in your way,

I still have the audacity to smile and show the world that I'm better than that.

I am better than lowering my self down to the ways of society just so I can fit in.

I am better than to tell you lies so you will still like me.

I know that I don't need a pack of friends to feel like I'm worthy of being cared for.

I do not need compliments thrown at me like I'm a flock of seagulls scrounging for that last piece of bread left in your hand.

And I am certain that I can keep my tears choked back no matter what comes my way.

I am certain that I am not loved widely, but I am loved deeply by the ones that matter most.

I am... strong.

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