There is nothing more


Than the dream.

The mental reality only

I can see.

The place where I can be


A sanctuary where being spectacular,

Being spontaneous,

Being myself,

Is acceptable.

In the real world,

I remain shackled by gravity,

But in the mindscape,

I soar to heights

That birds deem dangerous.

I become more than a man,

I become mankind!


Doctors attempt to grasp

The meaning of a dream

And we are convinced that they have,

But that would be like saying 

They put a fence around

The universe;

That they just enclosed a dimension—

It cannot be done, friends.

Our worlds can’t be

Poked and prodded

By the experts.

We are the creators of worlds

That you cannot see with a telescope;

That science doesn’t have to explain;

that exists only behind our eyelids,

And since it can’t be explained,

Dreams become a bit more


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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