True Love


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True Love

I remember growing up wondering where true love lies

Believing the things of the world that was truly a lie

Fame, fortune, and power soon came to thought

So I began seeking the things that were ungodly

Not realizing sooner or later it would all engulf me

People always told me to not worry

For that I was young and full of glory

My family was worried for my well-being

Turn to the good lord and he will transform you they began saying

I sat in my room at night and began praying

Saying lord forgive me for all of my wrong doings

He responded "I forgive you son and to never worry"

But sooner or later I returned to my old ways

Despising family and friends who first showed me the way

I lived a life that was full of the worldly ways

But deep down I felt disgusted and that It was all in vain

Then one night I cried out to God

Saying lord why doesn’t anyone love me for I feel so lonely

Then the lord said to me just stop what you’re doing and follow me

So I changed my ways and began to follow him

O how my life was transformed by the great I AM

Then the lord spoke to me in a dream one night

Saying the lover of my dreams is nearby

I spoke to a close friend about the dream

And he said yes I do believe she is closer than you think

Then one day while I was at work feeling so tired and weak

I looked up and saw a person who the lord had set apart just for me

Her beauty was glorious

Her dress as beautiful as an empress

Oh it’s sad to say I only got a glimpse and could never impress

I began pondering at my thoughts

Wondering God is this the one you have sent me?

I never knew what true love felt like for many years

But when I saw her It felt like I was almost about to shed tears

She came to the store a few weeks later

Seeing her smiling face I began to chatter

While briefly for a while I was scared and so happy

Knowing that the true love of my life would be here with me thereafter

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