The Flaw


My flawless imperfections were made by God

rigid skin, like the after effect of lightning versus a rod

a black heart was made darker by man

the kick start to life, man will not understand

nor will he remember, the reason

this season we are flawless due to our flaws

rejected, embraced and poisoned by all

he saw your soul as white as snow, for innocence

red with ignorence, with a hint of yellow for faith

in this case you are like God, but not quite

made in his image, but through sin we bite the dust

our flaws are our imagination.

Flawless are those who believe in God with no contemplation,

no hesitation, so that we all raise like eyebrows in facination,

or like a thief waiting for the perfect opportunity

or even a single mother fighting poverty

for the possibility of a successful child

all the while, God made you,

God made what you hate

God made what you ate

God made the unimaginable.

Any flaw we see in ourselves is a distraction.

Distraction from the true fact that 

God made your inperfections perfect in his eyes.


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