Mirrior Mirrior

Mirrior, mirrior on the wall who's the fakest of them all?

With the title of fairest claimed

My true identity has long been chained

My voice no longer has meaning

It counts for nothing 

My imagination was stifiled by the prison I've been sentenced to for fourteen years

I'm the real victim in tears

Stolen from me was real passion

Manipulation is the new art form don't you know?


Duck, dodge, dive

It's not like you'll get out alive

I'm choking on the expectations and rules shoved down my throat

Be perfect it's not like it's impossible 

Just wake up unreasonably early

Just be on varsity

Just study for hours on end

Oh and don't forget to figure out the rest of your life 


Whispers flow steadily like a stream

The rumors are incessant 

If your name isn't among the elite you're a peasant

Consider yourself lucky if no one knows your name in a class of eighty-two

The caste system is no longer socially accepted

If you're as ignorant as most educated educators you'll believe that too


Mirrior mirrior on the wall go ahead and ignore me

Dear old daddy has that perfected to a T

Feelings are for the faint hearted anyway

I can't say I'll miss his voice or his hugs

I'll miss his presence 

All he gave us was his essence  

There was never anything to say


Too bad I have so much to say











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