Sunshine, Sugar, and Sardines

Sun, 02/08/2015 - 01:17 -- Dcayir

There are not enough love songs to express how much I love you

Not enough words to tell you how much I care

Now dont say I can write poetry, oh God, dont you dare

But I gotta say, we make a perfect pair.


Im not a poet, Ill say it again

My thoughts will be jumping across the page

But thats just because im not in a cage

And well, when I think about you, my thoughts run wild

Like an untamed jungle tiger


Of all of the fish in the sea, you are the only one I would ever want

The only one i would fight for, the rest I'd just toss

Because I would have no loss,

But I couldn't release you back

Because there is nothing you lack

I'd pull on the reil like you pull on my heart strings


You are more valuable to me than all the diamonds embedded in the earth

I couldnt tell you how much you're worth

But I know you're worth more to me than all the world’s gold

And when Im not with you, I'll tell you the truth, my blood runs cold


I promise to protect you like how a tree would shade a bird

If I was a bird, I'd take you under my wing

And because you treat me like your queen I'll treat you like my king


But then again you would be my wings

Because without you, I cant fly

You could also be my redbull

Because you give me wings

(Or maybe thats just the caffeine)


But really though, you make me insane

Like a meth addict high on cocaine

LOL that didn't make sense

But neither does the saying "love is blind"

Because I can't read braille

But I can read your heart better than an EKG can


Everytime I look at you I'm revived from cardiac arrest

Because you're ways passing my test

and being the best

When I'm with you, my heart is skipping beats

I just want to crawl up next to you and be with you under those sheets

and hold you until you're asleep

Because it works better than counting sheep


All the memes on the internet couldn’t make me laugh more than when I am with you

Because when im with you my laugh is the song and you are the artist.

All the songs that remind me of you would make up the world's longest playlist

But not only do your make up who I am

But realize this, you make me confident without the makeup

Because you prooved to me that beauty is from within


You are the smile on my face

And the twinkle in my eye

There can never be enough clouds in the sky:

that would drown my happiness to be with you

because you are my sunshine

That makes me happy when everything else is dreadful

You help me get over all of my daily bull

You are the warmth when everything is cold

You are the new when everything is old


If I was a diabetic, you'd be my insulin

Because I need you

If I was Turkish tea, you'd be the sugar

Because you make everything better

If I was spanakopita, you'd be the spinach

Because without you there is something missing


You are the oxygen that keeps me alive; but also the one who takes my breath away

The one who guides me; but also whose eyes I get lost in

The one I can have a disagreement with; but whose opinion I am most concerned about


The stars in the milkyway can’t compare to the beauty of your eyes

You attract me more than flowers in the meadow attract bees


Well I know, I'm Turkish and you're Greek

But not for a second does it make us weak

It only makes us stronger

Because we just want it to last longer and longer


If I lost you my tears would overflow the sea

Because with you, I'm the happiest a girl could ever be

There isn't enough smog pollution to make buildings dissapear into shadows

that could make it unclear that I love you

So baby, never forget that you stole my heart but I'm allowing you to keep it

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