Innocence in Pink

she was always afraid of falling in love

but as I remembered, I really couldn't blame her.

maybe he'd do something stupid,

outrageous, even break her.

love is powerful, and it scared me

it worried me; I was petrified, actually

but for some reason, which I couldn't explain

it was on my mind- quite frequently lately.

it's like suddenly the wheel wouldn't steer

the breaks were faulty,

and you can't help but question-

did he ever really love me?

it's as if your heart is broken,

your brain was replaced,

your stomach is empty

just wishing the memories were erased.

so tell me, my darling, what it is that we seek,

that boys want in girls or that girls want in geeks

because recently I've been cringing

at the sound of your name,

and all I want now, is out of this game.

my heart is not a toy

as it helps me to function

but, boy, when you mess with it

that lessons production.

besides- how tired you must be,

running such circles through my head

leaving scars on my body

with your soul made of lead.

because there's no way at all,

there is much more inside

for the trouble you've cause

and tears that I've cried.

so I gaze at this girl and I can't help but think

of how beautiful she is in that rose petal pink

but maybe it's beauty that plays with our minds

that causes such trouble, that leaves us so blind

considering you told me my looks

was what started at all,

looks which lead to such love

that flourished so tall.  


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