Prize in a Cereal Box

I have never been the most wanted;

the slim-figured prom queen who has left many boys brokenhearted.

I haven't been brought flowers or teddy bears I can't fit through my door frame.

Frankly, from what I've seen how these girls play, it's just a game.

Not Twister, Life, or Operation,

but Sorry: pushing buttons and trying to survive the next situation.

They don't spend enough time in contemplation, 

just thinking they can't survive another second without a relation.

I have always been someone I would want.

The imperfect pear-shaped young lady with a diamond glimmer of ambition in her eye,

who wants to see everything and impact everyone if she can only try. 

Let's watch Star Wars or listen to Frank Sinatra through the night,

not saying I will search the whole surface of the Earth for you, because I know without you I'll be alright.

I don't need anyone to validate who I am or what I'm worth, price tags are the worst.

I won't dive head first into a shallow pool which is a relationship and let it be my blessing or my curse.

I want love to be an adventure I find like a prize in a cereal box.

I would've taken the cereal just fine, but the prize sure is a plus.

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