Like a Star

I want to shine like a star

Go far, to be close to one's old self is too closed

Minded, I have a hope, been on the down slopes

Now I'm on a roll, I'm sure I have a path

I just have to find it, like it's mine and it's perfect timing

Cause what better time than now, to find out

How high I can go, never know until 

You go for gold, let your path unfold

Make your own story, one that was never told

To be free, to be happy, to help, to educate

To bring peace and ignore hate, because what they

Say isn't necessarily my fate. Thanks to my 

Parents who chose to immigrate so 

I can go so far, and reach new heights and new feats 

And most importantly, shine like a star

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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