Music is the Sun, Poetry is the Rain


United States
34° 4' 46.6212" N, 118° 15' 30.636" W

As a seed sewn in the ground

I was raised by word and sound

Music calmed my frantic woe

While Poetry pushed my stem to grow


A sapling green, yet easy to sway

A Harvester came to make me stay

He tied wooden beams to my veins

So I could stand strong whenever it rained


For Rain could be harsh

As words slice like a knife

But without Rain, you would wither

Because Poetry nourishes life


As Rain fills the lakes

And greens the leaves which have gone dry

Poetry fills my heart with hope

Returning glimmer to my eye


Though Sun gave me comfort

(As Music warms my heart)

Rain made me grow tall

And gave me stronger parts


While Music gave me sunshine

And love and joy to bring

Poetry showered me with life

And gave me words to sing


Now as a tree, I bear fruit

For the Harvester who was there all along

My branches dance when the seasons change

As Sun and Rain play a song

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