For Us

Once we’ve prepared ourselves..


     We begin clearing ourshelves..


         One by one a memory goes down..


            Each one from our hometown..


               The pictures whisper bliss and adoration-


                    Nervousness follows as we both leave for our destination


                          Soon insecurity floods our hearts..


                              As we take our life step of being- apart 


                                  There will be no more late night dates..


                                      Only the trepidation of what awaits ..


                                    Maybe the thoughts of hopelessness are wrong.

                               We perhaps are strong.

                           I love you,


                  You love me.

              What we accomplish in life is for each other,

          Soon enough we’ll live together.

      We will be one forever, 

    Whenever, wherever.

Till we make it to

We say I do...


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