At your feet

As I sat there, in the desolation and iciness of my room,

I couldn’t shake the thought of you from my helpless mind,

and the sweet taste of your lips forever clinging to mine,

like frost on a tree in the midst of an icy winter.


I asked myself why of all people, you were the one stuck to my mind at all times,

and maybe I found the answer to it,

maybe it wasn’t just your delicate body and the mellowness of your appearance,

maybe it was you, completely,

who took me by surprise and charmed me from head to toes,

with the maturity of your mind,

with that spark you possess to put me in innumerable moods,

the wittiness with which you speak to me, the beauty of your persona that adds to mine perfectly, like a simple math equation that results in 2,

maybe that’s the answer I was desperately seeking for,

maybe you were meant to drive me insane, and maybe I was meant to be at your feet.


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