In the unchecked corner
There is a darkness that thrives.
It lies, and bides its time
Slowly consuming our lives.
The "weak" and the "cowards"
They cry out, they need a break.
The "strong" stand stoically
Like a porch of their namsake
These "strong" people can not,
Though their masks well crafted,
Be happy on their own.
They are self-abnegated.
For by their will alone
They deceive the kindest eyes.
We will not drag you down.
Restraint: the virtue this buys
Stoic. stone made bodies,
but only for protecting
The most fragile of hearts.
Made weak by lonely longing.
But we take every hit
And we bear it silently.
For we are the few rocks
On which you cling violently.
We won't let you down yet,
No, not until you ask us 
About how chaos reigns.
Oh our hearts, how they tax us
The ones who hold a burden on their shoulders are the fools who deceive themselves into thinking they are strong. Yet they are appreciated for it. The one who carries the groceries from the car into the house, taken the burden from another onto himself, did not try half as hard as the one who put them in their place. The stoic one shoves the problems under the carpet, where they LIE AND BIDE THEIR TIME. The pile keeps getting bigger and bigger. It fills the room of your mind and it SLOWLY CONSUMES YOUR LIFE.
a hero comes to clean up the room
To tidy it up, do away with the gloom
In the end the "weak" were the bravest.
They risked pride and won their happiness.
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I wrote this poem for a friend who saw me in a dark time. She wanted to know i was okay, but i didn't know how to express to her that i was better. So i spent the time to introspect, and wrote this poem to illustrate the the appeal to keeping your problems locked up inside and acting tough from the perspective of someone who did just that, and then describe its destructive tendencies towards a persons mental and emotional well-being, and advize people to express themselves and ask for help when they need it.

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