Who am I? Do YOU know?


Who am I? Do YOU know?

by Isaac C.

EVERYTIME I wake up from my slumber

I wonder, if someone knew me better

Behind the jokes and smiles I give

Will anyone know the way I truly live?

My selfies only show a forced pose

But it looks too natural, who would know?

I’ve abandoned posting, tweeting, and texting

Face-to-face interaction is the only best thing

My creativity, spontaneity, and wisdom branches out

When someone asks me, what I’m really about

My words will hit you like a train

And you will always remember the name

My thoughts will shower in praise

I only see the good in people these days

My actions will awe you like a circus act

When I’m flipping all around like an acrobat

Yet, with all that being said about me

I look at myself in the mirror

And want people to see what I see…

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