I am


I am a goddess

A creation so divine that - galaxies will swirl in my veins- black and blue like a brusie so freshly wrought that the tinges of purple seem to darken the hues

Stars connected on my face- constellations of the warrior gods from greek times. Roman kings that sit high on thrones mounted in the endless skies

The edge of the universe on my lips so sweet and innocent, vast and filled with the unknowing knowledge like the last word of a childs prayer.

I am a force of nature.

Tsunamis crashing, twisting in my voice. loud and terrifyingly stunning. I am heard form miles aways. miles and miles countless miles.

My hair a prelude to hurricanes destructions bringing chaos in its wake- wild and perfectly disastrous

Eyes like erupting volcanoes spilling molten lava that carves paths through the earth,

no second chances. 

I am a Human Being

Spun glass broken into shapes like spiderwebs

fragile and sharp. Dangerous.

Impurities in the mirror like cracks on sidewalk to ashamed to try again

yet proud enough to own each curve that snakes its way from the center of the whole.

I am divine

 A soul light woven into branches of a tree 

thousands of years old with roots so down deep I touch the core of a planet millions of years old

stardust can still be found 

I am endless. 






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