Fell in love with the devil

Your beauty was overwhelming and your smile seductive.

The words you used were endearing but destructive.

My days with you were fantasies, and now my days alone are torture.

The promises you gave have no effect; for now we have no future. 


I saw your good intentions 

but all I have are these afflictions. 

I was bit by the love bug and stabbed in my heart by your hate

that you prepared on a silver plate.


You hide in the dark and never show your true color. 

Now that you have, and your mask is off, I suffer. 

Words of hurt and eyes of lies. 

Now my nights are filled with screams and cries. 


I sold my soul to you, and my time is now wasted. 

I go home and try to forget, but the only way is if I become sedated.

I have the scars to prove my love was real.

Now, I starve because I wont eat one meal.


So while you sit there and move to your next victim,

I have become sickened.

Without you, my life is empty and cold

And my feelings are uncontrolled. 


Your wings became black.

Your an angle of attack. 

Your halo became a distraction for several.

I now know I fell in love with the devil. 


You took your shots, but baby I'm bullet proof. 

Now you look like a goof.


You ignored my cry.

Now I know you are the bad guy. 

Just wait for my time will rise. 

You will soon see the crazy in my eyes.



An eye for an eye. 

I'm no longer shy. 

You screwed up this time. 

You should have stayed so I could call you mine.


Revenge is a game, and all I need is time. 

You have won for now but soon your life will be a blank line.

You think your words hurt but I can do more.

Watch your back for you may end on the floor.


You think it’s fine.

But your blood will be drunken like wine.

My wings became black.

I’m an angle of attack. 

My halo will become a distraction for several. 

Just know you have unleashed the devil.


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