Peculiar Situations

MJ got out again tonight.

My dad and brother take off in one direction on the long boards;

I walk in the other


And you find yourself in the most peculiar situations.

Here I am, my feet plopping down the middle of the street,

wearing my slippers and Pooh Bear sweatshirt, clicking my tongue every few steps.

7 billion people in the world and I find myself alone.


And the air is still and silent: it holds a faint chill. Enough to kiss my ears

But not enough to break through fabric.

I expected a dark night

But the full moon shines enough to brighten the thick sky.


And dogs echo here and there.

Still alone, fear is a thin film in my mind that doesn't quite take its effect

because my curiosity is too overwhelming.


And my shadow is my only escort

like a black slenderman sliding along the houses.

A world full of people and I'm here alone.


And stars dangle like earings

for the necklace of a moon.

And you find yourself in the most peculiar situations.

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