It Heals Me

Mon, 01/12/2015 - 03:01 -- Atali
When I feel like I've made a bad decision
Like giving too much of myself
Or taking advantage of someone else
Poetry replenishes me.
When I do things that cause me to feel empty
I write, and my words heal me
They act as a recognition of fault
A penance
And redemption
My thoroughfare of forgiveness
My poetry patches me up where I have caused scars
It illuminates my weaknesses
And glorifies my strengths
It is my harshest critic
My cheerleader
And my most able self restraint
It is my layers and levels
It is my Works of art
They are surreal and fantastical
And it illustrates my start
My autobiographical
Story in prose
My worst heartbreak in rhyme
My greatest love in metaphor
My greatest fall, within all of these lines

My poetry, my saving grace
My second heart that works constantly
Keeping my first, of flesh and blood, pumping
Almost as effortlessly as these beautiful words that flow from my mind
Each beat is the rhythm to a new line
Each pause is the silence
Filled by time
Allowing for the growth and blossoming, and aging and wisening 
Of a new story, like an exquisite wine
So my poetry
My dear sweet
Love of my life
Life of my love
Immortalized description of
My turbulent peaceful existence
I appreciate you ever so
From your most grotesque
To that of the most delightful
In my happiness to my most frightful
Thank you for being with me, and me.
I just wanted to let you know.
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