The Myth of Meri the Snow Angel

Decades decades decades 

Each tick of the clock we evolve

Gaining insight, losing primitiveness

We promised to be “American”

When I believed we reached the mountain’s peak, I was joyous 

Oblivious to the approaching avalanche 

Bullets from the guns of cops roar like sliding snow 

The voices of women fall and are forgotten like fragile trees 

Now my worst fear has come 

We are now laying on the ground amongst the wreckage 

Government officials remind us we can make Meri the snow angel

Yet don’t help us remove the fragments on the ground 

The products of the event they concocted

We now dislike the myth of Meri the snow angel

He's a superficial aid who hurts us more than helps us


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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