My Necessity

It's a necessity to my life, without it nothing would be right.

It brightens up my day, and gets me through the night.

Grasping on my hopes and dreams, bringing them to life.

Plays in the dark like a shadow, but lives inside the light.

When your character takes this in, its like a new person takes place within.

It makes me who i am and who I'm going to be.

Yes, Motivation is the key.

Without it around I sometimes fall down, but it always comes back to get me on track

It never lets me slack, it always helps me try.

I adore motivation, now let me tell you why.

Motivation helps you realize the struggle makes your stronger it gives you hope and makes you say,

"Just hold on a little longer!"

Motivation helps you see that soon you will succeed, and that every tear will bring you closer to your dream.



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