Snuggie with Foot-Holes


Today the world seems incomplete,

Like a pie without a crust

Or a song without a beat


The world's dying and cold--a body without heat


The people, they move in jigsaw puzzle lines,

Wanting, wishing, but never tryin'

They make others want to come undone

Since society looks to looks as number one


And then there's you


Beauty queen, modelesque

But only for  braces, eyeglasses, Proactiv, at best

Are you Mister Potato Head, with your asymmetrical face?

Or are you a Picasso painting, an E.T, or just a lost case


You laugh


And you say that you might be stranger, odder, freakier, okay?

That you are the Snuggie with Feet-Holes

Just like original with Arm-Holes

But better--even perfect--in every way


Because when it comes to a purpose, an objective or goal,

What good are looks?

Everyone looks ridiculous anyway

(Basic Snuggies with Arm-Holes)

What difference does make

If you look a little weirder

With Arm-Holes

And Foot-Holes


At least you're wholeheartedly serving your purpose of keeping the world warm

And since it's still free to move

With all limbs covered and secure,

You've been flawless since the day you were born


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