Sunrise With a Side of Coffee

My anxiety release is witnessing the night transforming into day.



Indulging in this natural reoccurrence is like watching my fears lift with the sun.


Experiencing this with people I cherish convinces me to believe in my own existence.


I am merely one spec on earth, absorbing the colorful rays and cotton- candy skies.


Photographs are taken and our favorite records continue to play in the background: it is constant.


Months have gone by and the seasons have changed, but we are here again.


I look around at the people beside me, radiating the purest forms of joy.


With cups in hand and blankets around us, we learn to enjoy the calm silence of the morning.


One could do worse than be nostalgic over these minor, insignificant memories.


The feeling of temporary belonging was mutual and welcomed with open arms.



It leads back to the simplicity of our sunrise with a side of coffee.

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