To music and to all who have drank from it's bosom

Wed, 10/24/2018 - 23:56 -- tvenkat

The story of my life can be relayed in lyrics

From pop punk to rap to Anna Nalick,

Eros, storge, philia, agape

The octaves are palates for musical landscapes


All the Kings horses and all the Kings men

Are nothing compared your enchanting zen,

Singing me to sleep and gently shaking me awake,

You’ve guided me through all of my messy mistakes,


And when I fell in love with guitar,

It was when I truly understood who you are,

A consummation of what’s gotten me through seventeen years,

My guardian angel, she’s finally here



And although I blame you for being a hopeless romantic,

I’d rather be disappointed than never believe in magic,

When the boombox in my old karate studio imparts,

“Keep on dreaming even if it breaks your heart”


And somewhere out there, on the other side of the radio

Or someone who is uploading the video

Do they realize how many people they impact?

Or am I just projecting my own life onto their album tracks?


Mirrors are shallow and pictures are puddles,

But chords are blankets and verses are cuddles,

And every universal emotion

Are just the same eight notes in motion

To everyone whos ever sung a note or strummed a chord

The universe loves you and your stories are being heard


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