the loveless pain and a rose

  • love is like a rose when your cut it bleeds like love could feel that pain. You remember what it was like before you thought of the love games. so love, love and think love like a rose could bring pain cause you were the blame before that rose touched down earth to rain. what is love how does it begin were does it come from were are the roots of love do i have love in me. Does anybody love me do i love me why does love feel as though it wants me to love to hurt how many people have love and have been broken. As a rose with no stem, no water, dirt , the sun its like the life of me with no house no water no clothing no food. Me i am like, a rose in a dry heated desert cant survive without getting hurt a few times before it comes right to me pain helps build me into who i am who am i, i am life a breath of air being swept away like a leaf traveling through the flames to burn into ashes this this is my rose my rose is dark and i am in the dark to light i am the enemy i am the darkside no light touches my solume heart.
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My community
My country
Our world
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i think poems come from the mind and heart the roots of life is a poem a poem to speak the truth

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