You introduced me to love

But the broken pieces of my heart

Are because of you

The things you do to me

Are way past new

you see

Didn’t want to believe it was true

You tried to keep me down

So you couldn’t stick around

You just caught me like the flu

I was sick

But just for a second

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a blessing

I was stressing

Because I couldn’t see the lesson

The lesson of revival

Decided I didn’t want to keep going through this cycle

So it was final

I was stronger than that

You taught me to keep moving forward

And never look back

Had me thinking I knew what love was

But that love was not

Not a real thing

But just a spring fling

You taught me to love myself

Like no one else could

To be my own hero

In a story they never understood

And just to be clear

If it wasn’t a piece of cake

I’m introducing you to my friend

And his name is heartbreak



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