Dear Past Self

Dear Future Self,

There are so many things to say and yet not enough words to express them all. Life hurts. Life brings pain. life brings regrets. Life brings nightmares and darkness. Innocence swept away in a cloud of black misfortune. A bundle of poor life choices that may not always be your own. Things happen, words are said that should never have escaped trembling lips of sorrow and pain. Life is not ideal. Life is never easy. Cherish your youth, before you know it it's gone as fast as the snap of fingers. My dear while you silently weep there are millions of others who share your pain. You are NEVER alone. It may feel like it, sometimes it may even seem like it. None there who understand. Panic creeping in and pulling you under like demons to hell. Snickers of hurtful words. Hands wrapped around her throat squeezing her life away. Aching of feet as you run away from all the horrors a father's sickness brings. Friends no longer friends, instead the inflictors of your deepest darkest hurt. My dear although it feels like there is nothing left in this world full of madness I write to you with assurances of a better life. It may not seem like it but I promise you life gets better. Put down those pills my child, the ones that can put you into an eternal slumber. Look around you and soon you'll see that not everything, not everyone has bad intentions. Good friends hundreds of miles away. Children's laughter so sweet it brings you to your knees. Tears of agony turn to tears of joy. After all the horrors your short life brings allow yourself to soak in the beauty on the horizon. Do not allow the dark fog surrounding you block out the bright lantern of hope in the distance. Accept your regrets. Accept your past for what it is. Don't allow it to define you, to consume you. You are stronger than the things that try to break you down. Come out stronger my child. Learn from the mistakes of the past. You are still a young caterpillar surviving the cruelties of the world, yet to blossom into a breath-taking butterfly. One day you'll soar high above the darkness into the light. Until the day comes hold on, you can do it. Believe in yourself for you are worth it. You're worth everything, you just don't know it yet. You deserve so much in this life my love. So, so much.


Your future self.

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My family
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