The Beautiful Struggle

Beauty resides everywhere on our Mother Earth

Beauty comes in all different shapes and forms

Beauty is pain, beauty is success, beauty is even in the struggle

I realized growing up that everyone does not have the same lifestyle

Some grew up poor while others grew up rich

Some grew up to be happy while others grew up to become depressed 

Beauty does not simply define how one looks

You can find beauty everywhere once you open your eyes

I saw beauty in my struggle which later turned into success

I was never that happy child growing up 

I came from a family who has a history of depression 

I've attempted suicide and dealt with many low occurring thoughts and emotions

I lost two family members to suicide, my uncle and my older brother

Long live their beautiful souls

I found a way to maintain my peace and how to stay mentally strong

My life growing up as a kid to an adult was a struggle

Not just any struggle a beautiful struggle

My beautiful struggle is starting out low and not so strong but then becoming who I am today

My beautiful struggle is learning how to fight back and take back what's meant to be yours and that's life

I learned that the struggle may develop your life story but I also learned to never let it define who I am as a person

The struggle comes in pain, happiness, tears, grief, even beauty

That's what makes the struggle so beautiful, it's an inanimate object that helps you become the best version of you

The struggle helped me work harder, it motivated me in many different ways

The struggle made me realize many things growing up

The struggle helped me realize that I can do anything I put my mind to

The struggle helped me become the first in my family to go to college 

The struggle motivated me to become a nurse to help others with a struggle

The struggle helped me reach for my dreams to be ambitious and to set forth new goals

The struggle is beautiful

My struggle is beautiful

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