Twist and Shout Poetry Slam

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That feelining of...the cool waters, light blue wave, a tall glass filled with water, the clarity of the water, the warmth of the water, jumping into the water, the coolness on your body, the burning on your body,the water moving around you, the
Work hard to achieve them Have to dodge opponents It will be hard, but possible Aim high
Life is a journey and happiness comes with exploration.
Feeling that cool, soft breeze against my skin feels, feels amazing...
The perfume of warm caramel married to spiced pumpkin permeates the amiable atmosphereThe stifling heat stammers a tired goodbye and welcomes the blushing breeze
  One could spend an eternity of Light and Waves To fathom what’s just beyond the charcoal borders Drowning everything in the passage of its escape.
Cry That word seems so familiar yet so foreign. Tear drops Do I have those to or did I ran out? How long has it been since I last cried?
Words they flow from my mouth like a river running wild. Nothing can stop the tide.   Words they flow from my mind creating new worlds. Destroying old irrelevent thoughts.  
I eat cereal with a fork, All I want is a stork. I eat pasta with a soon, All I want is a coon. I eat parmesan with a knife, All I want is a life.
The wind gently blows. The leaves fall from the trees, down down down they go. The smell of marshmellows roasting in the campfire fills the autum air. There's a sudden rustling of crisp leaves. Campfire songs are sung.
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain,  But I do, it is me There is more than what meets the eye I am not just a child,  I am brave, I am scared I am peaceful, I am hurt
The knowledge and the aspirations we all seek
I can't do this too much pressure My family don't need me they don't have enough confidence in me No matter where I go it's always the same Quite school it ain't taking me no where School is boring I don't need this
My sore feet walk over the cobblestone and all I can see my dream ahead as I take one step at a time. London's bridge came falling down. While others drowned, over the edge I climbed.
I'm the one no one noticesThe girl with books as friends.A shadow whose bodyHolds the scars hiddenBy her vacant smile
Words words, oh what’s the use of words? Write them like this, spell it like that, use them like this, say it like that. A word is a word with a meaning that’s unique,
crunch thump thump   
Tiny dots shimmering randomally decorating the navy tinted night. Full and round, the center of attention, slightly hidden, momentarily, by rolling clumps of of cotton bright in the dark sky.
The Simplicity Of the faces of those who Never fail to make me smile, those
Darkness surrounds I, who has clinical depression. Finding happiness in a cloud of smoke Is a Daily Struggle But I do. I find my happiness on the back Of my galloping horse.
Boom, Boom, Boom; The music consumes.  I breathe it in; I melt at its beat. We are one.   Thump, Thump, Thump; My feet pound the ground.  My father and I;
Her smile was all I wanted to see; Now I know what some people might think: “Oh, you loved her, right?” But that’s not the point; Point is, my memories are a dime a dozen,
                       Right              to  Left   or   Left              to                        Right.  
I know a little girl who dreams of love
For a second everything stood muteEnemy standing next to youGun goes off BOOM !Clock starts tickingBreathing..BreathingFirst lane running 70 percentBesides the crowd, stepsSix laps left to go
Happiness has been a struggle. Some days things do not come my way. And some days I just wish for a hug.
Opening up that hotel door.Stepping out of the world of realityThrowing off this ridiculous need for formalityThis is what I need and nothing moreUpon my head a wig as black as night
The first time I fell in love  it was with the sky.
From the far stretches To the middle of the earth, All these sights to see.   Names of places I Cannot pronounce but can still Conceptualize.   Trolltunga, Norway:
That Certain Individual There is a certain individual, One whose name I will not say, But the mere thought of their existence, Quickly brightens up one's day,
Who knew the month of October  could nourish my spirit and comfort my eyes wth a warmth of pure light and a never-ending bliss?   Gold is delicately interwoven in the
I have classified myself as an independent person Until I found this. It is called many things, but I call it choir. The lessons I have learned are abundant
I found the half of the moon behind a street lamp in Wisconsin In the midst of an old industrial town And  I couldn’t help but ask How? How’d you get here...? You of Brooklyn’s trenches
Have you ever worked hard just to come up short? And society's judgement makes you want to abort Your plans, your dreams for what can be done? My muse, my inspiration is to run. To run is to be free,
Deafness or blindness:
Traveling, to me, is the definition of fun
My old friend, with laugh lines of crinkles lovingly speaks to me. With his aged yellow paper and strange musty scent that likes to linger just, for my benefit.
When I wak
I love the way he sashays through the sifter I love the way his shell cracks against the edge of the bowl I love the way his paddle moves through the batter I love the way he absorbs the heat
What keeps me going? It's the little things in life.  For one to be able to comprehend happiness, one must experience some kind of saddness.  I've experienced sadness. Now? I love the little beauties in life.
We are the voiceless masses in the streets, we are the ones you can't ignore. They cast their eyes to the ground and see our feet, naked on the cold hard floor.
Voices matter. Without a voice, Hitler wouldn't have taught us the power of speech. Without a voice, Martin Luther King Jr. wouldn't have taught us dreams can be reached.
Many fear the beasts that used to roam the plains Their very presence makes some run in shame
Behind my “I could kill a man” exterior I am bubbling with little joys Happy thoughts and events like counters At Disneyland filing in and through On their quest to experience some joy  
There is a time before sunlight, when everything seems not right. When all of the plagues on the heart,
School has started once again, and Every student knows what that means: Monotony, repetition, recitation. But this above all (never forget): Size12 Times New Roman Double-spaced.
Do you hear that sound? That beating pulse through the ground?
Sun          shining.                        book                                   reading.                                                  Sun
I am a woman but I feel more like an accessory to a mans world the latest and freshest prey to catch oh wait... no I am a game, a toy, a prize something else to be checked off in your little black book
I have a dream that keeps me arise A story is told by the look of my eyes The paths unseen by many of you Have seen my footsteps one after two   I wake to see my brothers surround
Crisp air, pumpkin spice, gloomy skys. Ringing of a bell, and a rush of young kids. Laughing of old jokes lost in the separtion of summer. Sharpen pencils, and new books. Sniffling of colds and curing of hot coco
I am me and no one else; A cluster of stars, Made of gentle fish kisses, Covering my flesh, With tender softness.   My eyes reflect the moon,
Happiness! Oh what a joy you can find here Seen anywhere, especially on your face Starting in August school will reappear Everyone get ready it’s time for the chase To our dreams, and future not looking back
A special poem for you from me a special bond no one can see I’m thankful for all the things you have done for me I’m thankful for you always being there cause when my heart was hurt I felt like no one cared for me but when I need someone to vent
Most People want to be in the city where gas is high and life passes by, but not me, I wan to be at a lake grilling a barbarque or steak. Watching the waves wavin' all my worries away and rays of sunshine shining on me
Never have I felt more safe Than in this room full of strangers. This is my real home,  Where I belong. When the lights go down And the projecter above me lights up the blank screen
Free. Imagine it. You walk outside and feel the wind blow through your hair. You are a free spirit. Being free, you have time to do anything.
The autumn rush of leaves in November sends chills down my spine The filtered sunlight drips through leaves, leaving shadows to mask my tears. I am back in school I inhale William Blake
Street crossing at four corners,
Stage lights  dont compare with how the theater makes you glow Dont hold back shine brighter bolder give your passion without regrets
Black and white days with overcast waves, gently fade away the summer daze. The leaves, they break up with the trees and fall helplessly for the dew kissed ground. A spectrum of green and brown that bring with them a warm sound.
Engulfed in utter darkness   I was trapped by walls with no windows or doors    Nothing but despair lingered in the air    You created a door where there shouldn't be one
I write because I breathe. I write because I feel. I write because if I don't, I'll go mad with all the emotions rattling around inside my head. I write because words are beautiful. I write because they are deadly.
I do not wait For tomorrow Or the coming of brighter days. . I do not wait For tides to turn suns to set. or muted winter.   I do not wait. for happiness.  
A simple smile. The morning bright, filled with gleaming sunshine. Caress my lips with your rich bitterness. Warm me from the inside out. One hand around the mug, the other hand in yours.
Art inspire, create, design the world is my canvas and my inspiration there is no greater joy than creating something new when I create, to myself I am most true
Music makes me happy. Until I die I'll be listening to music. Some songs relates to me so well I can find myself if I've been Cornered or have no hope
The orange sun splays across the sea in setting array It makes me think of old movies in their brand-new technicolor And bobbing in the ocean you see these little dots
You ask me why I smile,  Ill probably tell you its because I seen you smile first You ask me why I smile,
The feeling of a cool, salty breeze on my face While warm sand brushes over my feet and through my toes As the soothing sound of waves crash on the shore Relaxation  
streetlamps reflect off the wet asphalt orange leaves lay scattered on the ground   the air is wet the breeze is crisp hands are cold feet are warm  
JC: When darkness seems to take you on, and waters rush, and the storms brew strong: The world is supposed to be this way. Don’t be discouraged. Don’t fall astray.  
I woke again to the emptiness The sorrow that greeted me every dawn I'd go to bed late to miss this Your face staring out from the frame How does one run from loss? I ran to pages, to the pen in my hand
Trudging my feet across the street Waiting underneath a foggy, humid sky, Yet again, the bus is late. An hour long ride from my home to school Foreign music blasting my eardrums
(Disclaimer- I am not 40 years old. I am writing this from what I believe my perspective will be 40 years from now) It's been awhile 40 years to be exact but of all my time and experience one memory remains intact
A fallen leaf, An empty street, Cool air in my chest, It’s the time of the year I like best, Silence all around, No animals to make any sound, Time seems to stand still,
ah hem who the FUCK do you think you are?
Proud This past summer i never even wondered what will make me have success cuz i knew the things i digested
Words are the wings upon which we soar. Flying through the mazes of ages we keep looking Toward something, for something— For what, we’re not really sure. A way to connect, a way to define,
Dropping I’ve said the word  I’ve pulled the trigger   Passed the point of no return    The huge mounds of snow stare at me     Cold, steel rails wait for me
A chill descends onto revealed skin. Autumn has found it's way in, Through the windows and doorways, Conquering what were once summer days.   The leaves shed their green and show their true hues,
Her Happiness By Adriana Gutierrez    
What up-lifts me is being in the sunlight Looking back and seeing the dark inside the tunnel. Still in sight, but getting smaller as I move forward. I’ve been on this ride for four long hours
Standing on a tall podium, I overlook a field covered in grays and blacks. My hands rise with the steady beat of my heart. There, a fanfare calls my name. My hand raises its volume to a perfect release. Eveything disperses.
What has happened to this world and its care? Why are so many people in despair?  Look around, what do you see?
I remember when  the shots filled up the night. Now looking in your eyes it was like the fading light.   The snow was cold, yet we trudged on.  Death came to claim the old,
"Rainbows, Sunshine! Everywhere we go!" Thats my favorite song  By Childish Gambino. I listen to music to make my day shine bright. I listen to music so I don't feel so alone at night. 
Netflix, Netflix, Netflix Superheroes, time lords, and even stand-up comics rumble Netflix, Netflix, Netflix Some become trending on Twitter, some stumble   Come Saturday morning
Learning each and every day Many ways to better say Thoughts and stories from my heart.   Digging further, deeper down Striving, lifting others up Always speaking art.  
You ask “what brings your  happiness?”                                                                                                         it’s not such an easy question as you might think                                                      
A single note vibrates into being and extends a hand to the shape huddled on the ground,
The leaves are falling slowly, gently, scattered   It’s a little windy, not breezing, not so strong
In June two-thousand and nine, God gave me a June bug to call mine.   Your eyes shined so softly and brown, I then knew nothing could bring me down.  
Underneath the cloudy skies Something desperate filling her eyes.
Amber leaves and rustling trees Falling slowy to the ground Fill the air with a chilly breeze   These are the things that make me smile when I take the time to stop and look awhile.  
I find the end, a black plastic creature with two metal horns The creature nestles its horns into a a shocked face at the feeling of my hand I follow the tail of the creature to a box 
"What do you want to be?" im 17 i dont know i still have to ask to go to the bathroom 5-7 times  statistics say  a person changes their career so please dont ask me
I've never seen the stars so bright Among a midnight sky I never thought I'd see the day I told my razors "goodbye"
I wake to photography, I love the outdoors, the scenery, The nature located only two feet away... But when I open the door, I don't find myself at home, I find myself in a place I could only ever dream of,
She sat as still as silence In the hot fluorescent light. She was bold with confidence With all worries out of sight. Her arms moved very gently As she played her violin.
To me, they were all sea-glass and Midsummer morning Seraphic choir song that would whisper words of sweet serenity
Seeing his smile, is worth everything. Hearing him say "I Can Do This!" is better than anything He looks at his schoolwork with determination.  He strives to get every single answer correct.
I lost myself in the sky I found a smile passing by I missed a moment I should've seen But that's how I've always been
The clouds stroll in; they strengthen the ice blue sky.  The orange and red pop against  puffs of heavy rain.   Sweaters unearthed from cobwebs and dust. Warm maroons and toasty browns
As a pessimist, it is difficult for me to write about what and or who uplifts me to achieve a pinch of happiness. I often diet on salads instead of tasting the sweet treats that life has to offer.  
No, I didn't hear a word you said The things you say don't even pass halfway through my head No, ‘cause I’ve already heard everything you have to say It used to fester in my mind every single stupid day
The Bass dirty & grimy, the Horns are fit for a king The Strings could lull a baby to sleep, the Drums could wake the whole block The Cadences & Syncopations free me
I may be a geek, but it's okay I love to do science and i love to math and I hate when I'm late for class   I like to know how thinks work and why they work that way
Shores by the sea  I will always see    The seashore calls to me  Always saying something different to me   The sandy white beach
Happiness Ever elusive, ever fleeting Up and over my head Arms stretched to reach Hands grasp at air But - what's that? Energy
Rush of cold
I get a chance to breathe, No one else around me, I have finally found my harmony. The notes that play under my fingers And dance through my mind, Send chills down my spine,  A rush through my head, 
Save me from the surroundings, which are crawling upon me Don’t turn around and walk away when I’m falling on the ground Screams get louder and louder busting my eardrums from the inside
Stick aroundbut don't be Elmers. Keep updon't fall behind. Push yourselfbut know when to pull. Reach for the starsbut stand your ground. Be happy!but don't be afraid to be sad.
Ever since I was a little girl, I loved watching the dancers on T.V.  twirl. I wanted to be just like them, Dance away and win a gold gem.
alive is the world light vibrant and shifting now experience it
Beautiful days and highlighted clouds Breezy winds and clean perfume An ear splitting grin, overjoyed  Dull light and crisp words Daring plots and inventive worlds A melodious laugh, infectious
Clap yo' hands, Clap yo' hands! Sia's music is the only music- That can make me dance; If ever I'm down and out, Or just need SOMETHING  To think about, Sia knows just what to do;
A feeling is awakened in your soul Somewhere only music can reach A swelling in your heart A tingle all over Emotion rushing over you Peace, sadness, anger, happiness Beauty in the form of emotion.
The set-up of the room was none worthy of merit but the concept Was one untouchable by any cosmic theory or scientific conjecture. We hardly knew each other, yet there we were
Summer is over. The weather is getting colder. Having fun under the sun has ended. Because of school, our ennui has distended.   There is always next summer.
Charlotte is like sunshine after a week of rain, she pushes the dreary days away. That four-tooth grin melts my heart every time. Her giggles make me want to dance for delight. She cruises the furniture, and cruises her way into my heart.
The sun is out and shining
Honey, don't give up Life is much more important  Than those drama queens. 
It's having your happiness and hope rejuvenated.  
Summer, alas, wasted away like an unkempt plant. Ignored, looked over, and pushed aside for more glamorous objects. Summer has toppled over and allowed autumn to take hold,
Your mind i bet it wanders out into the blue, and paints an alluring picture with colors of every hue. But sorry girl, it will not happen your imagined scenes of glee
Doesn't it
For several years I was stuck in a rut It was time for a change, so I trusted my gut I was doing the same thing for many years It was time to step out, time to face my fears  
Excitement courses through me Like ants in a mad dash for discarded apple pie I close my eyes and wait for the magic to begin… Crickets drone themselves off to sleep With their own melody but I am awake
Twist and shout slam, what's that all about.  Moving and grooving there's no doubt with this break out.  When I'm twitching, I got to get itching to get on the floor
  I like it when my family gets along, as we sing along to our favorite song. I smile with glee when my boyfriend lets me braid his gotee.
its a cover its a page its a hand with a pen its a rainbow Its a sky its the waves And the sand its hopefull it inspires its what i love Its happiness.. its mine  
    A new school year is different for few   Almost all kids wakE up at 7:30  
There are reasons why I love you. Reasons why I don't. Reasons why I want to see you. Reasons why I won't. The love I have for you is not the same you have for me. 
What makes me smile? Well that's a funny question, For the things worthwhile, To me at least, Are simply a facial expression.   A sparkle in the eye,
just love to be goofy and make you laugh even if time is slipping away in an hour glass i love doing what makes me happy and fun like when i run in the field by house and let everything negative go away
In a time and place where everything is dark  We gotta find a way to make sure we keep our spark. 
To taste that sweet taste of victory Knowing that all the hard work in the past had paid off, All the gut wrenching, leg weakening, and agonizing pain we had went through,
This is all so perfect, the stuggle is worth it and its doing way more than only scratching the surface creating something beatuful and backed with a purpose we can fly for 3 minutes forgetting whoever hurt us
What makes me happy? Modest Mouse, its twists and turns and its popular paradoxes My Aunt, her clarinet, and the life breath streaming through valves of gold. What makes me happy?
Never hide behind loving lies when they're the ones that cause the lonely cries. The many tries. The senseless goodbyes. It took too many falls to recognize. Love is a verb, not just a word.
Freedom Not the sort you find scribed in the antique pages of our American playbook Not an allowance to speak, to sing, to say what I please Not the ability to walk outside and know my security   Freedom
I must go back to hills again, to cold and snow and sky And all ask is a pair of skis and poles to balance by And cold that stings and wind that blows and white that hurts the eye
Melodies fly from my fingers I smile when I hear the noise the cold metal singers    they sound warm to me   the notes I play echo in my head
After My Long Summer Break, I Can't Wait To Go Back To That Barn Where My Sparky Awaits.   He Waits At The Stables  For Me To Come Home  And Put On His Saddle To Canter And Trot.  
I cant wait to see it , its sweet smiling face that greets me with sweet kisses i can hardly wait for the future that is ahead of  me  , that drives me to capacity make one small mistake and its over no retakes
I enjoy playing in the band And watching TV too But my pen and notebook are always in my hand Because writing is my favorite thing to do Epic stories of adventure Or short moments of suspense
A life without Him would be a life without meaning, A life without love, A life without seeing.  
squeeze, mix, dip for a moment i am god, i am the creator push, pull, swirl i watch as my hands unmask my vision my world is formed parts of me fall out splat, drip, smear dry world
Internal desire so hidden, became A fierce flickering, fluctuating flame,
Butter face with gold edges, pharaohs bow down to my breakfast I’m so sheik I roll in elixir so know my force. Today I live, today I shine with the sun and help illuminate the night with the moon
Not only am I looking forward to throwing my cap up in the air on graduation day.I'm also looking forward to that special day,The day I go college thinking of who I'll become.
  Fear is unrestrainedly rigid Before experiencing love Fear touches the conscious, Releases Tabasco into the blood stream. And. The heart desperately pumps searching for fresh blood. So.
Unanticipated jubilance Coming from nowhere Leading off a bridge   When you walk off the edge Don’t dare to look down The ruins the entity of surprise from the ground  
You constantly remind me that I am not good enough not pretty enoughLeave me hung in your closet like the bastard child that only wanted to be lovedYou laugh and hiss telling me beauty is not skin deep
The art of music, Is stong to behold. It's softer than silk. It's richer than gold. It makes me laugh. It makes me cry. It makes me give A contented sigh. For those who listen
My favorite season it has been crowned; Shooting hoops at the park with the warm sun overhead, But the last days of summer have come around,
I'm standing across a boy and a girl at the atrium
One beep, two beeps, three beeps. STOP! I'm tired. I don't want to get up. Sure, my classes might be interesting and college might be great, but sleeping in is so much more fun.
Keep on trucking through This is a power of motivation I give to you School is in session But don’t fall short to depression.   Friends, family, and fall season surrounds us
The last grain falls to the bottom of the glass. The sands of time chime 12 o'clock. The leaves begin to age and fall to their graves, the air mourns in cool sorrow. But the end of summer as we know it
It is you, are the one   Out of all the things I love I could talk about you the most   A year ago, you found me Drenched in a shirt of tears Struggling At the brink of losing hope
Smiling is contagious, You catch it like the flu. When a person smiled at me today, I began to smile too. I passed around the corner, And a man saw my grin. When he smiled I realized,
It allows you to be free. There are no needles, no drugs…you can just … be. Free to forget what people think or say…
I fill my ears with you I fill my ears with joy I long to to be on the stage next to you But when I hear myself sing, you become my enemy Fear of rejection from my own voice
Look up said He,  calling...beckoning... Fear hath no hold upon you.  No more... How so? Repentance is but myth and I  am nothing more than the waves on the sand
Music cleanes the soul of dirt from every day life It heals humanity of the sorrow, yearning and anger
My life is always filled with crap, And I admit that life will always be like that. So let me instead give this time to thank The guy who always saved my ass.   You always caught me when I fell,
The smell of dirt and freshly cut grass fill the air. I look around the familiar setting; Chalk lines, bases, fans. I take it all in, this is my last time afterall. Fourteen of my eighteen years of life 
I look forward to the weekend - always. That's when I get to do all the things I've been missing out on all week.   I get to watch TV shows with my sister, fangirling and being weird.  
i sit in my room bitterly, like spoiled milk there is no one   just me   silence   until one single voice BREAKS the silence
My mother was in love with her turquoise ring. It lived on her finger. She never took it off. The ring meant everything to her until, she went to college. Her beloved piece of jewelry
For every mistake theirs a new beginning.For every today theirs a better tomorrow to be wining.
An empty stage.                                                                                                              And the lights are off All save one And it's in the center.
Everything around me is like water, and I am like a stone. I was made untouchable, forged in fire with smoke and bone. Everyone else is light like cotton, round and soft and white.
  Smooth rhythms, dancing in sync with the bodies all around Moving like water The bass caressing the flow of the drums It hits my ears with a boom It gives me a reason to live, to survive
I didn’t knowThat I could loveUntil I fell in loveWith You…You took awayThe grey cloudsAnd made my skyA bright blue…You took one
Books with yellowed pages, worn from  use. Glow-in-the-dark stars from my dark-fearing youth. These are the things that make me, me. Stashes of chocolate under my bed,
School may be uplifting, may get you shifting, for the things you need to get done,   School may be stressfull, may not leave you restfull, to the point where you feel like you cannot run,  
Feeling free makes me happy. I love driving with the windows down. Singing horribly at the top of my lungs, Disney songs Country songs Any songs. Feeling loved makes me happy.
I am alive, in my right mind God gave me another day I can walk, I can run, I can sing, I can pray all my problems away Doubts and failures continue to run through my body
I want to scream, I want to shout, So turn up the music, Let’s jam it out! Let’s go to the concert! Let’s sing all the words! Let’s show all of the people We are the nerds!
close your eyes take a breath listen close count one-e-and-a-two-e-and-a-three-e-and- sing start out quiet whisper stories of once upon a time get a little louder
According to Webster, passion is a noun, It is a strong feeling of excitement for something, It is a strong feeling that causes one to act in a dangerous way, It is an attachment or devotion to something.  
I feel most comfortable here, standing on top of the world. Wind whisping past my face, with my feet connected to a board.   Standing on top of the world, prepared for what is to come.
Childhood comes and life is good. Years pass by and life takes on new challenges. Some are plesant and others  not  so much. But my outlook on life is what keeps me going.
Little bee flitting by Buzz Buzz Meets a bird whooshing by Flatter flutter flitter Flying fast Thump, splat They meet with a clash Smash
Happiness, what does it even mean? I'm lost in this world with no thoughts or dreams. Happiness is an emotion, that makes me feel joy. Like curling up under a warm blanket, or frockling outside.
This is what I need The upbeat keeps me focused Music is my love.
I held you the day you were born, thinking that we'd be best friends for life. We bonded from the start with a love and connection so strong. During tough times I tried to keep you safe,
Pulse quickens, hands shake
Learning where my place is in this life Life changes happening all around me, soaking up my new world and embracing the new me Me being happy that I get to be challenged and expand my knowledge
The sun shines down Erasing the world of every frown The lake in front of me glistens with light My heart smiles at this beautiful sight The autum leaves are orange and yellow
"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens"  
Some say friends make their world go 'round, but what makes one happy when those don't come around? You must make yourself happy: rise up, start again. This life is meant to be lived;
When the world is feeling bleak, Leaving you on your knees feeling weak.   Don't despair, just look up. See around you the brimming life-cup.   Days will be worse than others,
I'm happy because of the sunshine I'm blessed with everyday. Happy because of the green grass under my feet as i walk across my lawn during the summer.
The school year is a drag And my brain is starting to melt Plus, the internet here, just lags! But I got this year under my belt   With help from my favorite musicians
Through the darkness, we jump to the light Through the screams, we sing so loud Through the fire, we walk through Unable to be tainted by those who hurt us Though you may think that you tear us down
New Hopes New dreams
Proud of myself because I am Beautiful in all means. Mounting my life in order to inspire others that dream. Bursting with bliss and compassion stirs the love in my heart for I am a believer and this you’ll know from the start.
 People always ask me why I’m always smiling.The answer is fairly simple.Just the sound of laughing brightens my day.
 People always ask me why I’m always smiling.The answer is fairly simple.Just the sound of laughing brightens my day.
-Dii! Dii! Dii!  
It's like a rush of an adrenaline that penetrates my veins as I enter on stage. One light. One voice. One night.
I feel the eyes of others glaring at me, watching my every move. Intense desire shines on their faces watching when I'll make a fool out of myself.
She moves gracefully, drifting like a leaf in the wind. Her body twist and turns to a rhythm only she can hear. Her moves are not a series of steps, but seem as one complete movement.
What do you see when you look at me? Just a girl with a low self-esteem with no type of voice of her own You may not see the hurt or pain,or even the tears she cries in vain
The colorful flowers The tiny sprinkles of a morning shower. The good news on the news without any new fueds. The smiles on the other peoples faces, even with those nasty hurtful braces.
To my mother, Sarah Ann Whose job is to teach Kids in first grade, Yet can cook like a chef And clean like a housemaid, Who enjoys midnight walks, Broadway shows, and her van,
When all is gone I will always have my factory. Her gears twist and turn and shout out with the clank of imagination as plates drop from one machine to the next, proving that it was worth the stretch to the next step.
Be silly Be you Shpw that smile of yours thats true Feel that breeze let it flow through your hair andt take a mighty dare Crumble all your problems in a ball go ahead and give life your ALL
Some days I fly like a rocket in the sky, While some I fall in the gutter of despair; But on these days I will always try to spy A glimpse of hope, finding something that is fair.  
The day you left, Marked a day where a part of me was gone. When your spirit left your body, It took a part of me with you. I was in despair, Yearning for the days that you come back,
Whether its it's warmth, it's shine, it's illumination. My life without the sunshine would be an abomination.  
O Dunsparce How pleased you make me From your blank stare to your wide eyes You truly are my favorite pokemon
I find my smile in a round ball. I kick it and chase it throughout the halls. On game day my stomach churns but I know I will not fail. No one else is up to my scale. Scoring goals and winning games that is what makes my day a little less lame.
My life was just something that I trudged through;
The time in her schedule isn't enough So many things she loves to do it gets rough! Homework is done in a flash- Now it's time to turn on the console for some Super Smash
His laugh His smile That he is contempt with being near me Makes me happy I see his new set of teeth
The thing that makes me happy is out of the norm,     it doesn't have a specific shape or form. It can open wide, or it can stay shut.    Watching it spin is more than enough, I love the way it shines in the light.
The gorgeous little smiles, The innocene your eyes, The contagious laughters you spread, The joy I get from having your little arms wrapped around me, I never want you to let go,
Surrounded by a sea of people, yet I feel listless.
I am 1 out of 300. That's how many are in my class. We're Seniors now.
The world was once dark for me, and i had not yet met the light. i waited and waited for change,  but passed it everytime. You appeared and looked at me as if i was everything good in the world combined,
Today is the dayWe say goodbye to our high school lives and see a brighter tomorrow.Today is the day,I put on the Navy Blue cap and gown; and say goodbye to yesterday.Today is the day,
She's my perfect little princess I'll let you be the witness Watch how she keep my heart beating, like im concentrating on fitness. You hurt her then I make it my business, See this girl here I care about
to be human we are here,but how? no often asked   we survive, because we can feel to feel happy, sad grief, excitement nervous, over joyed afraid, calm
What Makes Me Happy By Nicole Lototska   The first autumn leaf felt on the ground - That is what makes me happy. The small drop of rain makes its first sound – That is what makes me happy.
Soccer Stress free Running, enjoying, relaxed This is my passion
I love to draw  The lines oozing out of my pen as it Crawls across the paper The thoughtlessness of circles Circles  Circles Circles Over and over until the page is filled with mindless circles
Thanks soc
Red, Blue, Green and PinkV- necks, halters, tanks and spagetti strapsBootcuts, skinnies, jeggings, and skirtsFabrics and different shades one after another,
"Teachers don't make much money." "Early Childhood Educators make practically no money." "Day Care providers make less than doormen." I hear it. I hear it. I hear it all. Yet the promise of money,
There are many different kinds  and they can be hard to find  but when i am punching and kicking  I feel a certain joy  like the Koi majestic in its enviroment I am also in mine with grace and shine 
The spirit is eternal  but the body is not so we should not be destrought because God is with us  even though we will turn to dust  we should live our life and stand up for what we believe 
The little things are what make me happy… Acing a test without studying A long night’s sleep Compliments for minute details Dancing when no one is watching Deep discussions Fresh cut grass
He Is Bliss    
  It's the perfect day.
It seems so easy to say that you are happy To smile and be filled with glee But me, I wonder how we can make it last forever. That is a mystery. My mind it thinks the keys to life 
It's clear life's circumstances get hairy, Once in a while we're not quite so merry. But when that seems to happen, I get my toes tappin',
Life is full of ups and downs, Life is full of upside down frowns. Life is not the breath you take, Life can always take a shake. Troubles will come and go, Troubles will be your foe.
The body is but a physical shell In a world made of an equally physical realm. It's wants, it's needs, can only be physical
Let’s not romanticize high school love. You’re not Romeo, no matter what you think. In fact, I’d hope you’re better. I hope.   I think that I’m better, I think. Even though she broke my heart.
A warm and gentle rustling breeze, gently rustling through the trees, Butterflies and bumble bees, a glass of milk and a grilled cheese. What are the things that always please? All these things and more than these.
Waking up around noon gettin' called up my crew tellin me to get up and go skate, take a shower then eat earphones on with beat momma fussin' get home round' eight,
As the sun stretches this hands to touch my fac
Before I found you I was lost Nothing to see and nowhere to go Nothing useful to do And nothing to grace my walls Then I learned something very important Something simple yet essential
Dance is a passion, Though some say it’s not, Dance is a way, You can express your thoughts. Dance is a sport, Though some disagree, Dance is an art, And it’s definitely not easy.
My angels, my angels would never leave me bare footed on the cold pavement, of homeless sight . The darkness, I see in my visions ; they would always clear it with light .
A single note fills the air The gentle reverberation sending chills through my spine. Notes, chords The whole melodies I play bounce off the walls. And like a mother holding her newborn child
When the sun goes down, Nyx takes flight to the sky.
Rain, Rain from her face- How will she ever win this race? Put her down and stab her back she will always stay. At night she stays awake to keep the evil at bay. Coward, stupid, and evil-
I ran, I jumped, flew. And still I miss you unlike some few. See my tears stain my face? Now it’s clear like the cheer; I’ll never win this race.
Love the scent of Chicago cuisines, 
You’ve been trying to stop
The simple stillness of a cool fall day. The smell of freshly rolled hay. The oranges, reds, and browns that make the season go ‘round,
I’m not good at poetry, but I’ll give this a go And write a standard, short poem about what I enjoy You see, I love writing and drawing, as well, It’s a release for what inside me dwells.
I see my schedule, this can't be
  That wind that creeps past your unsuspecting face, The enigma that lies dormant In the back of that empty shell You call a head. You’re not dreaming. You’re not asleep. You’re wide awake.
  I cradled her when she blossomed red. Covered in ooze, her curls grasped her cheeks. Her cries sounded the alarms of life. It resonated with a reverberating siren in my heart and soul.
When i am in the gym i feel at peace, The hard work and the sweat prove to me my determination, When i find myself angry the gym is a release, This body i build, my very own creation,
Whispering wind Plays across my cheek As the water rushes through the creek   Children laugh Children play For there's no room for delay   The leaves are red Yellow
I had a feeling it would come to this. Out eyes meet, flickering to anywhere but each other We play this charade, endlessly Some kind of unspoken, disengaged waltz of glances.
Eating Chinese food and binge watching shows is how my weekend usually goes.   Crazy sleep overs with lots of candy is more than enought to make things dandy.  
Cupped hands, drinking sugar water from a bee's mouth. I found you in a magic shop, my little honey bee, where your buzzing kissed my ears and so I left the tarot cards on the shelf.  
As I push from side to side,I execute the perfect glide. Stroking, curving left to right,On a blanket of glassy white.
I'm Finally was in high shool, I've only been waiting for three years. I couldn't wait to go to football games and eat lunch with all my firends. I would be treated like an adult since I was no longer a little kid,
I've always wanted to write poems for the benefit of our society yet i've never known where to begin write about America, Love, Sports, Piety I've tried to find some sort of meaning
Two years fading into memoryyears of mendingyears of empathysearching for a remedy.
I am a Godly being; my name implies perfection. The only heir of Jesus, I am. Holy from Elizabeth’s womb,  I came about: curious and complex.   I’m winsome and witty, maybe even sociopathic.
Carolus Linnaeus
what is happiness sweet bliss?  a simple feeling? a broken heart healing?    when you hang with friends the joy never seems to end joking around a night out on the town  
I'm sitting on the floor wondering why I am here now tears in my eyes
Lightly fluttering from flower to flower, 
We fight a blinded game Victory masking the shame The crowd doesn't have a name For men lost to their fathers Soldiers killed by their brothers Warriors wounded by their mothers We fight a losing game
It's a world painted with love...lust...passion...hate...intrigue and so many other heart hitting things.   There are roads that lead us to our happiest moments and others to the most tragic times of our life.
There's so many things in this world that just don't make sense, i know people who laugh at things that happened two years ago. And people who cry as they laugh. Normal friends greet themselves with hello's or hugs,
It can be scary, Going back to school. I mean, Who really wants to end their vacation? But I love school, And I always look forward to it.   School is a place to learn,
Two heart beats come together as The freezing rain falls steadily Dripping off the few brave leaves That cling stubbornly to sleeping trees It falls into the eyes of hunter and prey
The tightening of the bow The pluck of the strings; Let the tuning segment begin. The audience anticipates its entertainment. This is the main event The eyes of all are watching.
Music is free like broken chains.
Some days the sun just doesn't come up The green of the grass does not reach my eyes The thoughts of my mind are occupied with worry
As 2013 is almost a memory   I am hopeful for what next year brings Tis also the season for reflection   Of our family, friends and blessings A busy year for me, Brianna   Began my junior year in Fall
If you swim across the seven seas    If you walk through a dozen deserts    Until you receive blisters    Could you answer the unknown all alone  
Eyelids that flutter like butterfly wings, Brow bones shimmering with the song that they sing. Darker eyelashes than the loneliest night, The chocoloate-brown irises standing out against white.  
The purest joy Is found amidst The colorful rays Of the stained glass panes Of my church. Singing and dancing Shouting praises to my King Worshiping His holy name.
The click of my key-card unlocking my heavy, heavy cabin door, and the sound of the hand sanitizer dispenser three times a day, breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Twist and Shout Poetry Slam JESUS FOR JOY Life is confusing, and life is rough You're expected to be strong, expected to be gruff Tears are frowned upon, and emotions are bad
A school so lovely!Lovely with a divine reaches,Reaches of a many.Many of an uncountable,
A new school year is coming up,
Picture this:A drive way stretching for a mile, winding deep into the woodsFinally to arrive at our special destinationThe wrap around porch already filled with familySplashing and screaming drift up from the lake
How good it feels to be alive again... to pull the bedclothes over my grave and put that part of me to rest once and for all. I can stroll down the streets and see everything you see
Sitting down, smiling about Laughing hysterically  and crying aloud words flowing on and off a page
Black and blue goes up my side In response to my inner thoughts down on paper. Smudges flow through my work A sign of the ink that never dried.   Many things betray me
When twilight settles into my bones and all feels still and fleeting I take an adventure to my happy place A place where star rays tangle in the sky and slide dreams to earth on twinkling light
Great in battle, the strongest warrior- I am that I am. Loving and merciful, grateful and beautiful- I am that I am. The one who is, was and is to come, Elshaddai, Emmanuel- I am that I am.
The coming of freedomThe trails ablaze from our stepsLighting the spark to our final showdownRefuse again, the cries of defeatCome, let us get up again on our feet
Fall sun, morning cool; Relaxing days by the pool Bare feet and cold drinks. All these things and you stop to reflect What reason do I have to be upset?               None in fact, if you really connect.  
Heavy breathing as I gasp for air The silent night laid before me I charge into the darkness I can only hear my heartbeat in the otherwise silent night Under the pale moonlight, I run
Lift that shit up!  Pull that motherfucker,  Push it, dont be a pussy!  I love exercise, weight lifting, running, singing (even though i sound bad) watching movies, girls, eating delicious foods like desserts 
I am who? Who am I? By your opinion, or mine? By lore or define? This question is hard, thinking by perspective. By yours or mine? Two Different, One Objective.
Summer is over; so what,  Cherish your memories, keep your friends close, connections, and experiences with you.  It does indeed suck, suck that we all have to go back to reality, of work, school; 
The look in a mothers face As her first born first cries She just went through hell Yet heaven is in her eyes Good news given to good parents Whos good child had a bad moment
The weekend seemed so far away It almost felt like the week would stay It’s finally here, So let’s give a cheer, I’ll make through the academic year!
Let's paint a picture,
The Thump Thump of my heart of which I cannot surpress my emotions,
When the warmth of the sun caresses your cheek
I like the way my hands work, how they let me write my words on a piece of paper or draw a character I never seen before. They let me play instruments, feel, touch the ones I love. 
So many people live for the summer. “No school- no homework,” they say. “Give me the beach- give me the sunshine,” they shout. But I say, “No!”  I say, “Not me!” So what- the classrooms are cold?
I am proud to say I have survived through yet another day. The war in my household didn’t stop me, The hardships at school didn’t block thee. The sun is shining bright upon my skin;
Music has always been a big part of my life music brought light to my life in my darkest days listening to music makes me feel happy and free when i hear  certain songs i go  to a different place and time
The beauty uplifted me.
  The fiery leaves of autumn fall, The wind a brisk promise of winter,
Leaves that crinkle under my shoes,  the smell of nature's falling peak.  The sounds are what bring me to the forest filled with "whos".
Since the summer rays have drifted away, It's time to find a new hobby For me that is either poetry or photography Both are about finding beauty in the everyday things Taking something that
The sun is rising leaves are falling, the crisp, cold air has arrived I love the feeling, within my whole being, that you have awaken inside you are my sunshine, my moon, and my stars,
I crave the taste The rush i get when it drips from my fangs The pleasure in her pain  The agony of her voice
Exciting, Jittery,
From the darkness the sky unfolds welcoming the new light of day. Mellow colors flood the sky and drag sleepy fingers across the earth. The sun rises from the deep abyss of the night
Thoughts People, Friends, Family Music
They say we’re crazy And boy do I know it It starts from our hearts, end at our toes I’m a cross country running girl Never been afraid to show it.   Sorry I’m not interested in parties
Having a crappy day, nothing seems to go my way. But there is something I know that will let my emotions show. I may be angry, I may be sad but if my music is playing then I am glad!   
The thing that makes me happy, more than anything else, is the ship that never sinks, we call it friendship.   Though many things happen, Good and Bad, Friendship will always last,
Summer is past it whent by so fast nothing but memories birds in trees children singing little girls dancing are left of the summertime it was magic, and oh so sublime. But there is more
I delight in an autumn breeze,
A message to the community. Help me, please. My brain has been replaced, Stolen, I believe. With butterflies and clouds, so thick I can hardly think. My eyes are as wide as the ocean,
Hearts shattered, spirits crumbled, and faith tested
The things that make me happy, Are small childish delights. Having a bed to snuggle up in, And a roof over my head.   Seeing a pup frolic in a puddle, A cat curled in my window.
Clear . . . Let’s try it again . . .
When I lay down at night And I think of life Nothing feels right, And I drift away.   The books, the tests, The pencils, the rest, The weight on my shoulders Stacked high with stress.
Let me get you old geezers hip to the jive I want you to be in the know ya dig  It's the new millineum jive turkeys  So here's the skinny  If someone says "You're bae" 
Happiness can be considered as different things People find the joy in money Others find it in drinking But my happines is laughter I never knew that a smile from someone can make your day
A voice of the people it speaks with out speaking.
BIllowing curtains Earths joyful tear drops leaking from clouds Then settling on window panes Tea in hand Rocking slowly in my chair Melodic notes drift throught the air Dreaming of far away lands
Dreams are for sleeping But dreams make me weap  Becasue it's the simple fact that I can't have the dream When I wake up from my slumber   Sometimes it makes me wonder 
Pink and orange clouds illuminated tired eyes There was no parting between water and skies  The bright sun falling slowly into the night abyss  You can't look away or surely something you'll miss
Oh to live at Winter’s world Where snowflakes tingle your skin With a cooling delight unknown To Summer’s blistering touch To taste her ice-spun delights Safe from the sun’s harmful light
Choosing between candy and you That's not an easy decision for me I love your smile and silly jokes But I can't resist the sweet scent of candy So the best choice for me to do
Hello, you there!  With the two eyes and feet, With a mouth so red, Looking so clueless and in defeat.    What are you, there? With the mystic sorrow gaze, Appearing so solemn,
Happiness is key to life and finding inner peace
Family is like a golen treasure, You know you'll have them forever. It is your Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Or even your friend with that nasty blister.   Family doesn't mean you're related.
My head hurts. My bag is heavy. I feel it pull my shoulders down to my aching feet; To the ground. My back, oh my back. The brisk wind slaps me. My bones ache. My body stiff against the attack.
I might've not got best dressed, but Lauen Conrad will be my invisible guest in the back of my mind as I sign away scholarships to get me through time. I cheer and I choreoraph for a team so sweet
The ringing and singing of the summertime blues Ain't nothing more pleasing than these words, oh so true. The way they feel, and what we think
What is it to be HAPPY?
I take a journey into another land. Travel to long forgotten places. Explore new worlds and meet new people. I become an adventurer.   Travel? To long forgotten places?
Writing poetry is my way to escape the evils of this world that make my heartache. A way to create a new world, a world of my own where there is no need to fight, cry, or moan.  
Sometimes I get Stressed Depressed Repressed
  Your sandy brown curly hair Your dirty straggly hair Those brown diamond eyes Those brown shallow eyes Your lips, oh your lips The craters, the crust, your lips
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