Blatant Barrage of Fulmination



One could spend an eternity of Light and Waves

To fathom what’s just beyond the charcoal borders

Drowning everything in the passage of its escape.

The trickle of water descends in individual droplets.

Fixating themselves to the meadows, the clovers, the blossoms, and saplings.

Cacophonous, torrential rain shatters upon each drop

Breaking into individual, what seems like, water molecules

The blatant barrage of fulmination

Dominating the sounds that protrude through the apperception of the mind

The ballad of the liquid sunshine

Falling from the eerie fog above.

An aeon sending power from the Heavens is what is thought

Voltages of unleashed electricity wrath

Flourished through and reverberates the skies

Dancing in different positions, different light patterns consume the limited vision

The pattern abides

Never understanding when there will be a barricade to alter the passage

The monstrous ripping of the rain ceases to persevere

The lucent droplets persist on

Subtle, Quiet, Reserved, and Peaceful

Vehemence in each life of the many drops that fall.

The charcoal clouds begin to disseminate from one another

The sunbeam shining through the ruptures

Rays of Golden, breaking the barrier

The blatant barrage of fulmination has run its course

The overcast of the gust has elapsed

The clouds becoming shades of white

Ivory, Pearl, Frost, and Waxed.

The alabaster sky becomes azure

The Chimera of the Sky is materializing

A fantasy it seems the colors are integrating into one another

The art of love is composed for all to distinguish

The most Angelic, and Alluring sights

Nature’s solemn vow

A Rainbow Spectrum

Beyond the Storm was a Pulchritudinous Promise from the Rain.




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