The Art of Music

The art of music,

Is stong to behold.

It's softer than silk.

It's richer than gold.

It makes me laugh.

It makes me cry.

It makes me give

A contented sigh.

For those who listen

A treasure they find.

It's soothing to the heart,

And brings peace to the mind.

Like yoga on a beach,

It is calm and precise.

It is the very embodiment

Of everything nice.

Like a boat on the sea

That is tossed to and fro,

Music can take you

Where you want to go.

Just like the ocean,

It swells and it dies.

Just like a bird,

It soars and it flies.

The art of music

Is strong to behold.

It's softer than silk.

It's richer than gold.


I am a Poet

I made The Art of Music in responce to the Twist and Shout Poetry Slam. When I think of something that makes me feel happy or something I'm good at, music would definitly be #1.  Unfortunatly, I am not a good enough poet to discribe just the awesomeness of music. Maybe someone else would be willing to give it a shot. :)

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