I’ve said the word
 I’ve pulled the trigger
  Passed the point of no return
   The huge mounds of snow stare at me
    Cold, steel rails wait for me
     Drawing in, enticing, luring
      Ready to launch me into the air
        The word is out
         I am committed 
          No turning back.
           The choice is Adrenaline or comfort
            Excitement or ease
             Progression or plateau
              Sent it or stay
               You go too slow, you miss the landing
                It’s all or nothing
                  Fear exists in the mind
                   I am not a slave
                    Hesitation kills
                     My love is an addiction
                      I am at peace, confident
                       Pictures in my head
                        Perfect landings, hi fives, good vibes
                         Ready to take on the world
                           Palms sweating inside my gloves
                            Every cell fights against the brain
                             Why do I do it?
                              I have one life to live
                               Is this what I’m supposed to do?
                                It’s only snow and gravity
                                 The choice is one hundred percent up to me
                                  I open my mouth, I say the word:
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