Don't let the looks fool you

Sun, 10/26/2014 - 12:45 -- richamh


All eyes were on me.

All I see is eye balls popping out from their faces

I stared back and saw right through them, they are already having bad thoughts

“He’s African.. he can’t be any good”

“He’s as dumb as a squirrel”

“Bet he doesn’t even know what plays are”

I died of laughter

there is a good 40 people in this basketball Gym

I’m the only African

I’m the only skilled African, but they didn't know that

Here comes coach

He says, “I want to see who’s fast,strong,smart and is able to lead a team.”

I’m ready to dominate the competition

I’m ready to make them eat their unspoken words

I’m ready to play ball!!!

I’ll show these skeptic what i'm made of.

It’s time to denominate

It’s time crush their awful judgment

Bitter tongues will eat their unspoken words

I blow by everyone in the sprinting drill that’s a (20$) bill

I couldn't be moved out of the paint in the boxing out drill thats a (50$) bill

I run all the drills correctly and coach pulls me out to have a talk

Now I sense their thoughts about me are changing

“Man this guys fast”

“Man this guys strong”

“Man this guy is much better then I thought”

“I ain't going to tell him, but im sure he knows

I walk off the court with confidence

Time to claim my spot on the team from coach

They all stare in shame.

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