I Believe In hope

Sun, 10/12/2014 - 11:58 -- ROSANNI


Hope God is not an illusion in him I seek for solution.

Hope time is on my side when I’m in the wrong path.

Hope to see my great grand kids.

Hope I live ad infinitum.

Hope I pay my own bill.

Hope my learning isn’t  cheap.

Hope I carry extraneous strength and the attitude for success.

I believe that hope is key.

Hope my beliefs aren’t weak.

Hope I stand up when I fall.

Hope I’m found when I am lost.

Hope tomorrow is better than today.

Hope to never long for yesterday.

Hope my pain isn’t in vain.

Hope the rain washes away.

Hope the flowers bloom in may.

I believe  in waking up every morning  with hopes as big as your heart trying to make your goals come alive.

Making up any excuse to make sure you don’t  let loose.

You see those people who cheer you on.

They dream  their dreams through you.

There comes a moment when  you want to give up.

There’s a minute when shooting stars can’t fix the world.

There comes a second  when sunny days don’t exist.

There are times when water runs dry.

Then, there are times…

There are times when we give time some time.

There are many  moons when the stars shine bright at night.

There are many suns when hoping is all it takes.

There are storms that take away the dirt.

There are hopes that help you reach your goals..

I believe in hope because it’s more than a thought.

Hope helps me achieve.

This, I believe.

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