Disneyland Lines


Behind my “I could kill a man” exterior

I am bubbling with little joys

Happy thoughts and events like counters

At Disneyland filing in and through

On their quest to experience some joy


Every time that iTunes understands

The mood I’m in

So that I don’t hate every song

I have ever owned so I don’t skip it

I can pop my swagger

At any time during the day

While I’m plugged in


Every time that I hear a powerful woman’s

Heels click on the sidewalk around me

Whether she’s feeling confident or not

Whether it’s her first time in them or not

Whether the weather is appropriate or not

The sound gives me a spark of confidence

To boost my mood


Every time a tv channel plays

Any movie from my childhood

Or any movie that I have

An emotional attachment to

A hot air balloon fills my chest with delight

Once, I cleared my entire day to watch

The entirety of Anne of Green Gables

Which is no small feat, mind you

And it’s nice because that happens often

Tv channels love to have throwbacks

I’m not complaining

Every time I see a small child anywhere

I can feel happiness take me over

Because seeing that much life

In such a tiny body is wonderful to think

The way that they wriggle around

As if telling their procreators

To release their small bodies to conquer

Conquer what?

I’m not sure but I’d let them do it

Every time I am around people I care about

And I see their eyes light up

Talking about something that they are

Extremely passionate about

I become brimming with delight

Because they have something

They truly care about

That is completely their own


And anytime I can smell

Fresh mowed grass, crisp autumn leaves,

Rainfall, baked goods, perfumes

Anytime I can hear

Laughter, furious clicking of computer mice,

Humming of fridges, brushing of teeth

Anytime I can feel

Strong Wyoming winds, warm sweatshirts,

Lactic acid of hard work, chlorine water

Anytime I taste

Oreos of all kinds, homemade meals,

Pizza in every form, chocolate

Anytime I see

Aesthetically pleasing pictures, bright lights,

Selfies, every single dog in the world


I will still look like I could destroy someone

But that doesn’t mean

I don’t have great happiness

Within me at all times of the day


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