What keeps me going?

It's the little things in life. 

For one to be able to comprehend happiness, one must experience some kind of saddness. 

I've experienced sadness. Now? I love the little beauties in life.

The process of life flows like cogs. Everything fits together as a cause and effect style.

I live for a morning and a tomorrow. 

Life should be valued. I understand that now. People waste so much time to the point they forget to value it and live for once. Human being starts focusing on too much of things to the point that the forget to see how life is like cogs flow. 

It's the little things in life that keep me going.

I am blissful for many things.

I am bliss for my best friend who I saved from self- destruction. 

Where is this kid now?

He is alive. He is happy. He found love. He no longer does self-destructive things. I cannot say enough, but he is doing well in his life. He is living. That has never made me more proud. It makes me dance.

As of right now? I am dancing with joy for this.

Everything with music involved seems so beautiful. It's like cogs. Things are flowing so well. I don't know. People say it's hard work. I say a fight.

It's so funny how beautiful life is. I never seemed to see it until I found out. People started to walk in as cogs ticks in my life and WOW! It's nice, simple, and fun. The people of this world has made it too complex because we over think. 

Life is so serene!

We learn from life itself when observed, presented, and experienced. 

I mean I just learned that Love really exsists! That's so amazing!

Love is so many things! It is so much filled with bliss and adventure.

I've got to thank him.  I see it. 

What I have may be "young love" but it is beautiful. It is one of the things that contributes to what makes me feel Alive. 

This "young love" is more than oxytocin and some crap psychology to it. I mean it's something else. It is an emotional bond. It is a positive thing. I think it is how it is suppose to because I am not sad or angry or becoming self-destructive of some sorts. 

It's a bit rocky, but fighting for it and ending it with a safe ground is amazing. 

I see it now.

Living for a breath. Every breath counts as the cogs tick and flow with things are stable.

It's flowing slowly if you fix it up right. It's like cogs. 

Live for every moment that makes you feel "okay" or a bit of happiness. 

Live for someone you love or a sunrise or a sunset. 

To see evolution in advancements like life, technology, or structures in change for the better is such a happy and beautiful thing. 

When people say "Happiness is a choice." I believe it is half-right. That's because pain is not a choice. It just happens.

Sure the world is not that great. But if you isolate those things and put it somewhere else. You start to see the beauty and happiness.

People ted to see the flaws but it all evens out. There is a balance to life. Human imperfecting should be embraced for what it is. Nakedness is all there is too it. Not accepting a bare is something... 

I see it now. Everthing in live is beautiful. it flows like cogs, and that makes me happy. It is all falling into place. I may not feel like expressing it though here is not enough but the world should know that life is actally beautiful.  Everyone else in the world over time has made it structured wrong to make it look like ... this. 

I am seeing it now. It is happy, but we don't make it happy anymore and it is people's fault. It is all like cogs.

Life is beautiful and I see it now. I am at a state of blissfulness. This is real. 


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