The Enchantment of Extinction


13 years of school,

13 years approaching extinction.

The future holds so much

yet it all dwindles

as you sign into college board

an hour after sunrise

and your whole perception

of what you thought you were,

is shattered.


As you drove home

and finally released the tears

and the sunlight is blurred

and your windows are down,

you glance over and see

two certain species

the honey bee and the monarch butterfly


Through all my distress

These creatures

so free and so beautiful,

are on the brink of extinction

yet they live on.


The tears dried

as the smile took control of my face.

Through all my troubles

through the horrific storm of the day

if the butterflies and the bees could do it,

so could I.


From then on, I found solace in nature.

A tree doesn’t die from the loss of leaves

A tree regains and restores itself.

I can restore myself,

we all can.

Through nature I know I will be okay

Through nature I can defeat the extinction

of my soul.


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