What makes me happy


What Makes Me Happy

By Nicole Lototska


The first autumn leaf felt on the ground -

That is what makes me happy.

The small drop of rain makes its first sound –

That is what makes me happy.

The first freezing wind blows through the window –

That is what makes me happy.

I am tired. I am home. Here is my pillow -

That is what makes me happy…

I have tried as you see

But let me be me.

I am neither a writer nor a poet

But I have a dream as great King once have had.

My dream is to learn and explore a whole lot

The problem is only with what I have not.

Ukraine is facing its hardest times now

And if I had money, now they’d said ciao.

My father had died when I was only two

And my mom has been working to try to break through.

I would love to help but I am so young

That everything I can is to use my own tongue.

I am doing that well, as I’ve been great taught

In my speaking class I found my own spot.

Switzerland is a great country, but there is one but

It is a neutrality, while I am not.

The middle of argument isn’t for me

I’m always the one who cannot agree.

Communications major is for those who are free

Who can’t just keep calm and drink his/her tea.

Communications for those who want to inspire

We all know what that does require.

You now kind of know me; let me tell you my dream

I have this great though; I’ve made my own scheme.

I am from Ukraine but study in Rome

It is a nice place, as says Google Chrome.

I’ve met this one girl, she’s tall; that’s not all

She’s neither from London, nor from great china’s wall.

Hawaii is the place she is calling her home

But now she’s in Rome.

When Ashley, Hawaiian, describes her own place

Tears are in her eyes and sad is her face.

So here’s the reason I want me to try

To go to HPU, and let me tell you why.

I want to be able to look high in the sky

Right after I have said: Hawaii goodbye.

I’ll tell about it one summer night

And what I will do – I will cry.

This place will remain in my heart, in my mind

I’ll be impressed, as would any human kind.

I’ll study, I’ll learn, I’ll explore, I’ll find out

What is my life suppose to be about.

What can make me happy? Was it a question?

My answer is - my own progression.

I will succeed, and Hawaii’s the right choice

I hope you have heard my words and my voice.



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