Little Things Aren't So Little

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 15:52 -- Josalyn

Sometimes I get





By the pressures of everyday life.


Sometimes I feel



Not required


I'm ready to give it all up


But you've just gotta keep trying

You have to find something good

There's no use in crying

Over could, should and would


See, I try to find it in all the little things

'Cuz a whole lot of little makes something big.

Small-scale things are light, can give you wings

They're easy to find, no need to dig


I try reading a paperback book,

Gentle pages and light fingers at midnight.

Or perhaps the trickle of a clear brook

That whispers good feelings, you'll be alright


I love being held by arms and a warm cover

And knowing that, for this time, I am secure.

Because there's love in my heart, it's not hard to discover

And I'm loved, too, through all we've had to endure


I live for long, spontaneous road trips

And cinnamon ice cream on hot days

Because even though sometimes ice cream drips

Eating it in a different state definitely pays.


Not to mention music, that's always great

Listening to and writing amazing rhymes, it’s rap

And even though the culture may receive a lot of hate

It’s what put Rude and Swizzy on the music map


And I always feel content during the color season, fall,

Halloween and warming up with a hot coffee.

When autumn’s here I don’t mind when school comes to call

Because it also means a decrease in degree.


See, my doctor says that my mind is mis-wired

That I'm happy because of the pills that I take

But that's not the only way happiness is acquired

Joy is possible if you just take a break

To soften the ache


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