For language and the voice


Voices matter.

Without a voice, Hitler wouldn't have taught us the power of speech.

Without a voice, Martin Luther King Jr. wouldn't have taught us dreams can be reached.

Without a voice, John Lennon wouldn’t have taught us that imagination is something we can breech.

But with a voice, armed with words, we can teach.


Words bend us,

shake us,

hold us,

wake us to realized that there's more to living than we surmised. 

There is more to a person than their disguise.

Despite arrogance, weakness, bravery, silence and strength,

Our words travel further than the expected length.

Into minds, like subtle spies,

words infiltrate and manipulate.


Because our true forms are hidden behind humble lies.

For we desire acceptance, union and belonging in societies eyes.

So why succumb?

 Why choke?

Why choke on the words we suppress within our throats?

Why choose to live beaten, bruised and broke?

Why not make a choice?

Why choose to live without a voice?


Can you hear me yet?

Can you hear the voice that has been oppressed?

Can you touch the thoughts that have ceased to rest?

Can you see the dreams I may never reach?

Can you hear the words that take experience to teach?


But that’s just it…

The speech, too often misused is constantly stereotyped,


and the power of words, abused.

They remain in the rumors,

which linger too often excused.

When embezzled as labels, we separate ourselves into groups.

We have ourselves jumping through the hoops.

For what cost!?!

For the temptation to be accepted!?!

How is this wrong to be corrected!?!


Loose the words and find the meaning,

live out of the norm and textbooks,

use your own eyes to realize and look.


When words are used right,

they breaks down pedestrian sight.

Words are potent

and favor those by sensible selection, 

words are the source of our human connections.


They are found in the tune of a beat.

Or in the lyrics that move your feet.

They are the culture that breaths in our veins;

the feelings that both creates and drowns our pains.


Out of a loose jaw they may leak,

           sometimes too many

           sometimes too few

Because words need people to speak!

They cannot be heard without you!


Behind tongue, teeth and lips,

the seam of our soul begins to rip

apart, because we have yet to understand 

the words need a voice,

they are trying to escape.

They want to give meaning, 

to define,


and shape.

To bleed our message and spill our thoughts,

to make us unique and great.


Because, maybe then we will learn,

that language is something 

we should appreciate. 





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