Tue, 10/28/2014 - 17:32 -- Jmtn15

I find the end, a black plastic creature with two metal horns

The creature nestles its horns into a a shocked face at the feeling of my hand

I follow the tail of the creature to a box 

The box is covered in salmon roses that appear to have been laid by a masterful hand

I find two latches



The box opens to reveal a small black circle and a metal nail intent on scratching something

I find the white square, in it, a larger black disc, with grooves that appear to have no rhyme or reason

The larger black disc slides out of the square and the grooves of the disc are smooth against my fingers

I set the larger disc on the smaller carefully, so not to scratch the larger prematurely

The nail is lifted to resemble a scythe, but this only lasts a short time

I find a knob, grooved like the disc, and twist to the right


The twisting of the knob begins the twisting of the disc, around, and around, and around

I set the nail on the edge of the disc ever so gently

The nail falls to the disc with ease and meets the disc with a friendly hello

tssss ta ta

I listen as the white noise begins to pass and I am greated by an enchanting melody

The disc has a womans voice and speaks of a woman named Rhiannon, and how she is like a bell through the night 

I let the lulling sound soothe me into a place of comfort washing away all the stress and negativity of the events of the day

The sounds of the needle talking to the disc reassures me that all will be okay

I take this reassurance and fall asleep, knowing that even after the worst of days, the nail and the disc will always find a way to cheer me up 


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