Music and Learning, and Beauty

Eyelids that flutter like butterfly wings,

Brow bones shimmering with the song that they sing.

Darker eyelashes than the loneliest night,

The chocoloate-brown irises standing out against white.


Silvery eyes over enchanting pearl smiles,

Their cheekbones, all pink, bid you stay for a while.

Strong-shouldered hugs you could hide in forever,

A mysterious wink as you embark on adventure.


A gnarled grey tree, stripped naked of leaves,

Green living forests where the sun loves to weave

Quilts of warmth and protection, safety and peace,

A wellspring of joy, through song, is released.


Aquariums swimming with wonder and life,

The splash of chlorine water that cuts like a knife.

Not a single word spoken in a crowd of two hundred,

The hush of the questions they wouldn't dared to have wondered.


The smell of old books, new, and middle-aged,

The knowledge that hides under every page.

The salt in a good cry,

And the fault in a good lie.


With music and learning, and beauty I grow

From a heap of distraction to a pillar of hope,

Then the joy that I know, and hold dear in my heart

Is found overflowing- my favorite part.


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