The Powerful Play


I'm filled with passion from my head to my toes

everything i do is for a reason, to contribute my turn.

I create.

Everyday I create something and everything.

Paint, glue, paper.

There isn't anything i can't use.

I create to express my life.


We have the Picassos the Van Goghs,

But none of them are me.

I am contributing my verse in the and powerful play of the world.

Doctors, lawyers, and teachers all make their passion into a career.

But when your passion beyond that where do you go?

We then turn to art.

Where we are able to express passion beyond normality

Doctors and lawyers are important

but artists in any form are pushing,

pushing us to be freethinkers

I use art.

I use art as my voice.

I use art to contribute my verse.



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