Immense Happiness

Summer is over; so what, 

Cherish your memories, keep your friends close, connections, and experiences with you. 

It does indeed suck, suck that we all have to go back to reality, of work, school; 

To make money, or educate ourselves for what we wish to do/be when we finish. 

Money to many is the way of life, I believe not. You may think so, but i believe connections with people is rather more important and interesting.

People can do anything and everything for money.

Why not do everything and anything that makes you happy?

If you do things from your heart, or as Elliott says "Follow your Heart". You will begin to feel an immmeasurable feeling of happiness. Where's like for example a job, your working just for the money; this is the opposite. You only recieve a temporary positive sensation the moment you get your check/cash and when your out to use it. But its a continous cycle of unwanted and wanted feelings. Constant doing what you need for what you want (work for money). And happiness is unstable this way which is why people get so stressed. 

Find your passion and make it your life.

Listen to your heart, your gut, your instincts and dont follow what others think/believe you should do. you know yourself better than anyone else; not them. Use your own experiences as advice.

Instead, do what you feel should be done, if one way didnt work, try it differently or try something else. But remember you must first do what you need to do, to get what you love/want to do.

Example: If you want to draw, you may need to take college drawing classes to further exceed and expand your skills for your passion of drawing.  

If you love running, then run everyday if you can. If you love music; surround yourself with music. 

Happiness should not revolve around money. Money can help you get to what you want; but it's not the source. People who's only desire is to make money, want more money and become evil and greedy, selfish and lonely. This is not the way of life, this is not the way for happiness, no no no.

I love food, exercise, movies and music. Which is why I do it everyday, in some way, shape and/or form as best as I can. It makes me satisfied, clear, at peace, and always curious about what else to try out in listening to, eating, watching, etc.

Let your passion, what you love, take over, and you will thrive with immense happiness.    



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